Ballachy, a Platform Dedicated to Naturalistic Causes.

“Ballachy is an emerging company dedicated to the pursuits of adventures and a passion for travels.”

QUEBEC, CANADA – AUGUST 18, 2020 – Ballachy is a platform featuring the best products for all photographers, whether as a novice hobbyist or an expert professional photographer with many years of experience. As explorers of the outdoors, they prioritize lightweight, sturdiness, durability, and its ability to prevent shakiness as the most important features in high-quality tripods. A remarkable tripod does not only provide the proper stabilization for the equipment placed on top, but it’s also an essential life companion for photographers, hikers, birdwatchers, campers, hunters, bloggers, vloggers, and stargazers.

As in most cases, having a hobby for photography also means to have hobbies for other outdoor activities, they decided to expand their website to reach other hobbyists and other outdoor lovers, and provide useful information and review guides.

There is more to bird feeding than just picking the right feeder. In some ways, the art is also a science when learning to choose the right seeds, find the right location, and how to protect the feeder from harm. A user-friendly bird feeder can help decrease the learning curve with an easy-to-use loading cage and a reliable defense against squirrels and other animals.

The best bird feeders make it easy to place a good supply of seeds without the worry of other creatures having a free meal. While no bird feeder is truly squirrel proof, the top bird feeders have several safety measures to make sure only the birds will get a good meal without any “thieves” getting in the way.

The size of the bird feeder will often determine the types and number of birds you can attract at any given time. While smaller feeders are easier to maintain and place, larger varieties offer more potential to attract different types of birds. They can also be more protected against other wild animals when placed on a pole or hung from an isolated position off of the ground.

Birds’ enthusiasts cannot do without a great spotting scope. These are optical aids made for better birding. Practically everyone who develops a serious interest in birds will pick up binoculars pretty quickly. For backyard birding or for pursuing warblers in the woods, binoculars may be all that is needed. But for some kinds of observation — scanning the waterfowl far out on a lake, studying shorebirds on a wide-open mudflat, or checking out that hawk perched on a distant snag — even the best binoculars won’t do the trick.

A spotting scope is a small portable high-power telescope with added optics to present an erect image, optimized for the observation of terrestrial objects. They are used for various outdoor activities such as birdwatching and other naturalist activities. That’s when a spotting scope can make all the difference in being able to identify and enjoy more birds. Beyond merely being able to pin IDs on distant birds, regular use of scope will allow for learning details that would never have been noticed otherwise.

About The Company

Ballachy is a family company launched in the summer of 2018 to curate a platform featuring the best products for all photographers. They are a young company with an eager spirit and enthusiastic passion for photography. They aspire to provide the best products for their customers. They do not only offer reviews of products but also provide a platform where knowledge can be shared.

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