MUi Pet Company Enters the Market with an Innovative Magnetic Leash for One-Handed Operation

Everyone deserves to be a pet parent and experience the joy – and health benefits – of walking their dog. While usually a pleasurable activity, we frequently find ourselves having to deal with one issue or other, like having to latch the dog with one hand and being busy with the other — the hurdles of everyday life. Having this in mind, MUi Pet Company has come up with a one-of-a-kind magnetic leash that makes for the most durable and secure pet safety system.

After multiple rounds of product testing and a few iterations, the company introduces a unique and reliable leash with optimal functionality and sleek design in the form of MUi Leash. Significant consideration was given to the surface finishes and the metal sections. This new leash allows you to latch your pup single-handedly without having to go down on your knees.   

The product features a dual magnet and dual-hook system to make latching effortless. Keeping the comfort and convenience of users in mind, MUi Leash comes in a standard 6-feet length. The leash comes with a carabiner-style attachment with an embedded magnet and a dual-hook latch with a second embedded magnet. The magnets connect instantly and align perfectly between the carabiner and the latch. The dual-hook system provides added security.

The best thing about MUi Leash is that its carabiner works well with almost all kinds of harnesses and collars. On top of that, the latch is sturdy enough on its own for a safe and peaceful stroll in the park.        

MUi Pet Company has certainly taken things up a notch by introducing such a premium-quality magnetic leash. Not willing to compromise on the quality of their debut product, they have sourced real climbing rope material that is weather-proof and puppy chew-resistant. It also intends to save the users the hassle of detangling the leash before every use. Besides, you can choose from a range of three unique climbing rope colors: Galaxy Blue, Glacier White, and Classic Black. 

The company has gone the extra mile to ensure maximum strength of the MUi Leash. It is designed to withstand 300 lbs along with pulling force. The leash’s unique design aims to offer strength, functionality, and security, all in one.

MUi Pet Company has dedicated its first product for medium and large-sized dogs. They do, however, intend to introduce a leash for small dogs in the future.

For those interested in buying the MUi Leash, you can currently do so via Kickstarter. MUi Pet Company is offering free shipping across the U.S. For international shipping, you can enter your location and select the reward to get the shipping cost. Early bird discounts are also available for users. The company is also planning to announce discounts for service animals once their funding goal is achieved. Once the goal is complete, production and shipping will follow as per the schedule shared by MUi Pet Company on Kickstarter. 

About MUi Pet Company

MUi Pet Company is a family-owned business that strives to provide pet owners with modern, innovative products at super affordable rates. As a dog owner himself, the founder understands the struggles of individuals with a bad knee and the pain of using both hands to latch a pet. The idea is to enable pet parents to spend quality time and bond with their furry friends effortlessly and with maximum peace of mind.  

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