Fore Ground NZ Limited is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Hardware Stores Nationwide.

Fore Ground NZ Limited is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Hardware Stores Nationwide.

“SpringGrow – the ultimate plant support system taking climbing plants to another level.”
SpringGrow – an innovative, first of it kind in the world, plant support system that facilitates the growth of climbing plants by providing lateral and vertical support. Expandable up to 10 feet with a unique adjustable clip that mimics the natural helical growth pattern of the plant and is resistant to water and UV light.

Fore Ground NZ, a New Zealand company, has today announced the release of their innovative first in the world product “SpringGrow” to the USA market. “SpringGrow” is an innovative plant support system like no other, Designed and developed in New Zealand “SpringGrow” is the perfect product for anyone that grows their own tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, hops or indoor climbing plants such as Hoya plants. Water and UV resistant , expandable up to 10 feet and with its unique adjustable clip this is a great invention that eliminates the need for string and twine. It is totally re-usable, sold in recyclable eco-friendly packaging and holds its shape when stretched.  

The inventer of SpringGrow and Co-Director, Callum Hughes, said, “SpringGrow came about as a direct result of there being very limited options for supporting the lateral and vertical growth of young grape vines and tomatoes other than bamboo, string and twine”. He further said, “this led to a trial by accident of spot light chords by him which ultimately solved the problem by providing a re-suable, expandable, durable option that due to its simplicity and with some adjustment and development proved to be just the perfect solution for all climbing plants and hence the idea of SpringGrow was born”.

SpringGrow uses the plants own weight to facilitate growth and provides the necessary lateral and vertical support that vines and bines require in order to produce an abundance of fruit. As vines grow in a helix, the helical spring provides the perfect growth path for the plant which they instinctively follow., making it simple to train.

SpringGrow is perfect for glasshouses, tunnel houses, basic post and wire trellises, fenceline gardens and plants grown in pots.

To use, simply stretch the spring to the desired height, attach the adjustable clip, attach the clip to a rod, top wire or trellis wire, extend and wind around the base of the plant. It’s that simple. At the end of the season just detach from the old plant and leave in place for next years crop.  

Terry Milton, Co-Director and Marketing Manager of Fore Ground NZ Limited said “We are thrilled to bring SpringGrow to all home gardener customers in the USA. If you grow your own tomatoes, climbing vegetables, plants or indoor ornamentals then SpringGrow is a must for you”. “It will save you time, labour and provide an adjustable, expandable totally re-usable solution that is just so easy to erect and use”.  

“COVID-19 has changed the lives of the world and there has been a definite paradigm shift towards growing vegetables at home. We think the timing of the release is perfect and with nothing like in the market place it is the optimum time to be part of the shift.”

“With novelty factor, resilience and functionality SpringGrow makes a fantastic present for the backyard gardener,” he said.  

“SpringGrow”, taking tomatoes and climbing plants to another level. Necessity is the mother of invention. Available in the USA now, get yours and start growing the vegetables and plants that you have always wanted.

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