Greatness University Launches the World Greatness Day

Greatness University has made world history by launching the first ever World Greatness Day celebrations. Starting in London, UK on 15th August 2020, over 2000 people watched the celebrations live on Greatness TV. Standing in the Mansion House at the Glorious Luton Hoo – a hotel tucked away in the outskirts of London where on 26th June 1948 the wartime British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill addressed over 110,000 people and thanked them for their support during the Second World War – the creator of the World Greatness Day Professor Patrick Businge said, ‘The world is filled with a lot of unsung heroes and heroines. More often, their greatness is never celebrated when they are alive. Very often, their greatness is talked about when they are dead especially in their eulogies. Today we celebrate the World Greatness Day.

Today is the occasion for us to recognise, honour, and celebrate people who have helped us to positively change our lives whilst they are alive.’

Registered in October 2019 by the National Day Archives, the World Greatness Day is celebrated in all countries around the world through festivals, gatherings, parties, award ceremonies, talks, lectures, visits, and many other ways to express gratitude to great people in our lives.

The World Greatness Day celebrations were crowned by a live concert where young and upcoming artists performed from the USA, Uganda, Albania, Jamaica, Sweden and the UK.

Greatness University’s is the world’s first institution dedicated to discovering, developing, delivering, sustaining and celebrating greatness in individuals, organisations, businesses, kingdoms, and nations. This is a new state of the art learning system that studies life. It is life education that focuses on studying great people and celebrating their lives. The World Civility Leader Sir Clyde Rivers says that ‘life education is the wave of the future because successfully studied, it will make other people successful.’  In other words, greatness leaves clues and Greatness University traces those clues, documents them and celebrates them.

Founded by Professor Businge who is viewed in his circles as the new lifeologist, Greatness University is also the curator of the World Greatness Awards and the World Book of Greatness. On the same day, over over 30 people were honoured for living their greatness with World Greatness Awards. This too took place at the Glorious Luton Hoo Hotel: a place with a rich British royal, political and cultural history. Since the 16th century, various Kings and Queens of England have stayed at the Hoo including King James I who stayed there under a royal procession and in 1948, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip spent part of their Honeymoon. The World Greatness Awards were created by Professor Patrick Businge and his wife Professor Julian Businge. They recognised that there is a culture of silence around celebrating greatness when people are still alive. People feel unease about it. After noticing that the greatness of people is often talked about during the eulogies and celebrated when people are dead, Professor Patrick Businge and his team at Greatness University look for people who are doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

These are civility humanitarians: people who help other people, value the people they help, and empower them to empower others.  When asked the criteria to be met in order to receive the Oscars for the World’s Greatest Civility Humanitarians, Professor Patrick Businge said, ‘You need selfless service for there is no greatness without service. Kings, Queens, Entrepreneurs, Humanitarians, Authors, Teachers, Innovators have received the World Greatness Awards in various categories.

The World Greatness Day celebrations was also marked by the induction of over 70 people into the World Book of Greatness at the Glorious Luton Hoo: a popular location with UK television and has been used by film makers for films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Enigma, Eyes Wide Shut, Inspector Morse, Nicholas Nickleby, Vanity Fair, Bleak House and now the home for the World Greatness Awards.  Also called ‘The Guinness Book of Records for Greatness’, this is a yearly almanac which documents the World’s Greatest Civility Humanitarians of all times. This is the first ever and only book that documents great people.

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