Follow Fernando Abroad Brand Ambassador and Traveler on Instagram

Follow Fernando Abroad Brand Ambassador and Traveler on Instagram
Fernando Abroad is a Latino American born in New York City. His dad being from Puerto Rico and mother’s Born in Dublin Ireland. His wife being from Japan and our daughter who is half Japanese. He was in the U.S. Air Force, but no longer in active duty.

2020 has definitely been the “Year of the Influencer” when it comes to online marketing.

Over the last five years Influencer marketing and brand collaborations has grown from a real grassroots, guerrilla style marketing approach to a $10 billion dollar a year industry. And it’s only getting larger year after year.

Influencers like the Fernandoabroad Brand Ambassador provide brands in opportunity to reach audiences that they might not have had an opportunity to reach otherwise. Not only that, but this kind of “native marketing” provides a much higher ROI than traditional methods – particularly when you’re dealing with cold traffic and total strangers.

Below we highlight some of the biggest benefits that influencers like the Fernandoabroad Brand Ambassador bring to the table.

Immediate Influence

Straight out of the gate, influencer marketing offers (no surprise here) immediate influence in markets that your brand may not have had any footprint in previously.

One of the biggest advantages to partnering with influencers – including micro influencers – is this big bump in influence your brand gets itself. Particularly valuable for startup companies, small businesses, and newer operations looking to make a splash in competitive industries, this bump of influence can pay off big time very quickly.


Instant Authority

Marketing with Fernandoabroad Brand Ambassador style influencers, for example, can provide your brand with a lot of authority straightaway as well.

The credibility that you get when an influential social media celebrity vouches for your products or services is tough to beat. Think of this like word-of-mouth marketing and referral marketing on steroids.

Instead of promising the moon and the stars in a way that customers are always going to be a little weary of, you get influencers to handle the heavy lifting of your marketing for you – and the message is much better received by your market, too.

Real Relationships

People today want to do business with other people. They want to feel that connection, they want to feel like they have a real relationship with their favorite brands, and they want to be able to connect in a way that only social media has made possible.

By partnering with the right influencers you’re able to skyrocket the kind of relationship building efforts you have been able to do on your own, especially with cold traffic outreach advertising campaigns.

You’re able to hit the ground running with your brand “borrowing” from the relationship that influencers already have with their audience. This can be a real shortcut to success when leveraged correctly by smart and strategic entrepreneurs.

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