First Hot-Pot themed Exhibition Launched In NYC Adhering To Health Guidelines

New York has gone through a hard time but managed to become a survivor from the pandemic. As the city is on its way back to being vibrant again, The Hot Pot Lab, a food and art interactive pop-up, debuted at the end of last month in NYC. Align with the goal of presenting cultural art and keeping customers safe at the same time, the staff at the exhibition take cautious preventative measures to ensure visitors’ safety.

The Hot Pot Lab adheres strictly to New York’s reopening guidance and visitors will be required to wear an acceptable face covering when entering the exhibition. All spaces will be deeply cleaned before and after the whole-day opening using CDC recommended cleaning solutions. Throughout the day, all touch points will be sanitized immediately after each visit. There will also be a limit to the number of people on each floor to ensure distancing.

The pop-up has 3 zones of exhibits with over 15 interactive installations spanning +3,500 sqft across 2 levels of 57 bonds. Each visitor will receive a customized lab task guiding them through the lab in the spirit of a researcher in the Preparation Zone; they will then enter the Conceptual Zone to play with abstract representations that embody the very togetherness and diversity the designers seek to encourage and finally visitors will have the chance to explore and interact with artistic renditions of hot pot ingredients in the Lab Zone.

For instance, visitors will see the Noodles Wall placed in the middle of the journey. Noodle is the main type of carb for hot pot, hence these two walls are made by the inspiration of the shape of standing noodles. Visitors could use their bodies pushing thousands of noodles attached to the wall to create their unique art as the noodles can be shaped to any forms in a hot pot. The main concept of this exhibition is combining the popular social dining style of hot pot and the concept of the NYC Melting Pot, where different cultures and ethnicities melt together in harmony.

“Our goal for The Hot Pot Lab is to bring hope and happiness to our fellow citizens during this trying time. We believe this exhibition will remind people how important it is to celebrate diversity and togetherness,” stated one of the innovators in their press release. All of them graduated from New York schools, including Columbia University, Pratt and SVA. They spent 6-month to prepare the exhibit and applied their all passion to it.

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