The Lord’s Day: Miracle of the First Day Sabbath

The Lord's Day: Miracle of the First Day Sabbath
The Lord’s Day

The Lord’s Day by Penton Lewis is a unique look at the New Testament’s long talked about the account of the changing of the 7th day Sabbath to the 1st day of the week. It’s a piece that deserves to be read by people of faith looking to understand the reverence so often paid on a Sunday morning so that they can really see how it all came about.

To learn more about the arguments it makes and the evidence it presents, we sat down with the author to hear more.

“I wrote this book to answer questions that I felt had been unanswered for centuries. For so many years I have heard people debate about the true meaning, value, and validity of Sunday worship, so one day I decided I was going to settle the argument once and for all. The result was years and years of detailed study, countless hours of reflection, and a little bit of inspiration along the way. My hope is that when my readers get to the end of the book, they will have a whole new way of looking at the world around them.”

It’s certainly an interesting way to look at the issues of faith that still dominate the world today and one which we were intrigued to hear more about.

“Thank you, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to sit down with someone who really wants to get into the detail. So, while most people who write these types of books tend to argue from points of personal experience or perception, I decided that I wanted to take an evidence-based approach to my work. The result is a book that’s rich in biblical details, often unspoken insights, and a whole host of interesting facts that I’ve tried to weave into the piece along the way. The idea being that this will make it a book that makes an immediate contribution to the debate while also allowing it to stand the test of time.”

It’s great to hear from someone with such passion for their work, so we finish things off by asking the author where they get their energy from.

“I’ve always been told to write about what you know and to do what you love. When it came to choosing a subject surrounding my faith to write about it was an easy decision because this transition has fascinated me all my life. As soon as I started researching the biblical details I knew I had found a project that got me excited. Before I knew it an entire afternoon had flown by at my desk and I was fully committed to finishing the project from that moment on.”

It’s amazing to hear such a passion for work and study, and it’s also the reason why this is a guaranteed must-read study.

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