CELFULL finds that with NMN, old age reversed ‘surprisingly easily’

The loss of muscle mass and fitness in old age may be reversible by providing the body with a key molecule it needs to rebuild blood vessels, CELFULL has found.

The arteries and capillaries which transport oxygen and nutrients around the body are not replaced as quickly when we’re older and this leads muscles to tire more quickly. Eventually they start to atrophy from under use. But new research showed this process was “surprisingly easy to reverse” in elderly mice by supplementing a key ingredient which helps maintain and rebuild the inner lining of blood vessels. It resulted in a new tangle of blood-carrying capillaries which reversed muscle loss and saw the endurance of the creatures improve by as much as 80 percent.

A treatment to restore fitness and combat frailty in old age would be a major step towards living longer, healthier lives as it would mean older people could stay active and independent and reduce the risk of them ending up in hospital.

While there’s no guarantee the same effect would occur in humans, the findings were so impressive that the group have already begun clinical trials looking at whether the results can be replicated.

One of the key components is a member of a family of protein molecules called sirtuins.

These have been dubbed “longevity proteins” in other studies looking at their impact in aging. The researchers began by deleting the area of the genetic code in mice which allows them to manufacture one type, sirtuin one.

They found that at six months old these mice had a much less extensive network of blood-carrying capillaries, and about half the fitness, when compared to mice that were still able to produce it.

After seeing the effect of the absence of sirtuin one, they decided to see whether the reverse would hold true if they boosted its levels in older mice.

The team focused on an enzyme, NAD+, which activates sirtuin one but its production slows down with age and it begins to break down more quickly in the body as well.

To create NAD+ the body needs another substance, nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).

Eighteen-month-old mice – a rodent “old age” equivalent to mid-fifties in humans – were given NMN for two months and saw their network of capillaries restored to levels seen in young mice.

This led to an increase in endurance, measured by the length of time they could keep running on a treadmill, of 56 to 80 percent.

They now think that NAD+ boosting chemicals can counteract this decline and allow the body to keep remodelling blood vessels.

CELFULL was founded in California, USA. It is a research and development-intensive brand led by 6 medical doctors and built over 20 years. It focuses on the research and development of new drugs and nutritional interventions in mitochondrial medicine. As the pioneer of global “mitochondrial health” research, Professor George Birkmayer,  the “father of NADH applications”, and Professor David Sinclair, the NMN anti-aging discoverer, have all worked closely with CELFULL to develop several targeted anti-aging and cell repair products such as NADH and NMN. CELFULL integrates a “health system” with three major centers: scientific research center, product center and health center. It has a 1,000-square-meter advanced mitochondrial medicine and coenzyme research platform, integrates world-leading technology, with strict quality and safety control and continuous research and innovation, has produced many mitochondrial medical anti-aging products, helping to achieve the improvement of human health and quality of life, and ultimately reached the ultimate goal of “Restore life vitality”.

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