Luxury Car Brands Kick off the Era of All-electric Cars

With the vigorous development of new energy technologies and the introduction of favorable policies for exploiting new energy sources, many companies have entered treasured land of all-electric vehicles. The so-called BBA—the three traditional luxury car giants BMW, Benz and Audi, are racing to develop all-electric vehicles, and many other luxury car brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Pagani, Bugatti, are also making every effort to promote electrification. A fierce competition has already taken shape on the Chinese market.

Although the “Big Three” have great ambitions, Tesla is still the only one leading the pack. In the first two quarters of 2020, the combined sales of the “Big Three” cannot even come close to that of Tesla’s Model 3. From February to May, Tesla Model 3 ranked first in the global sales of all-electric vehicles. Among them, the sales of Model 3 in May reached 11,000, an increase of 205% from the previous month; the sales in June was 14,900, an increase of 35.22% from the previous month. Tesla’s stock prices have soared since, and the total market value has exceeded US$300 billion. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s net worth has reached US$74.2 billion, making him the fifth richest man in the world.

NIO is the second most popular all-electric car brand on the Chinese market. It is only second to Tesla in terms of sales and revenue. According to official data, NIO sold 14,000 vehicles in the first half of this year, achieving a year-on-year increase of 83.5%, surpassing the total of 12,900 vehicles sold by Infiniti.

However, there is also another much-anticipated all-electric model that has been drawing attention internationally. That is the HiPhi X—a premium smart all-electric model under the Chinese innovative mobility technology company Human Horizons.

Claimed to be a luxury model and positioned in the global high-end market, the configuration of the HiPhi X is absolutely stunning. Confidence comes from strength. From the exterior, the HiPhi X adopts a supercar’s streamlined dynamics design, which perfectly combines the elegance of a sports car with the practicality of an SUV. In the door design, the Rolls-Royce style coach doors are adopted combined with the Tesla Model X’s gull wing doors. Such layout is certain to be eye-catching on the streets.

The HiPhi X won’t let you down either in terms of performance. With dual motors both in the front and in the rear and each single motor having a maximum power of a 200 kW, the acceleration is 3.9s from 0-100 km/h. The battery pack is manufactured by CATL and comes with two capacities—84 kWh and 96 kWh. The overall range is claimed to be beyond 600 km.

On August 11, 2020, Human Horizons announced that its first all-electric model, the HiPhi X, will officially be launched at the Beijing Auto Show. The HiPhi X will become the world’s first smart car fitted with evolutionary capabilities, meaning that it can continuously update itself through AI-based self-learning.

As the all-electric car manufacturers devote more and more manpower and industrial resources into research and development, the “war” in the field of high-end all-electric vehicles has just begun. The soaring sales of Tesla and NIO represent the trend of future car industry. The continuous breakthrough in sales volume signifies that all-electric vehicles are increasingly being accepted by consumers. With AI and electrification developing at an astonishing pace, the competition has just kicked off. Can Tesla continue to stand out and maintain its momentum? Will the traditional luxury car brands make a strong comeback? Can the Chinese all-electric brands represented by NIO and HiPhi leapfrog from behind? We’re keenly waiting to see how it will play out.

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