Bristol Motorway Workers Save Family of Protected Snakes

Bristol Motorway Workers Save Family of Protected Snakes

You may have heard of ‘Snakes on a Plane’, but it’s very unlikely that you have heard of snakes on a motorway lane. 

That is, unless you are one of the VAC UK workers who was working on a motorway job near the Royal Portbury Docks in the Bristol Channel this week. 

These workers were unfortunate enough to come into contact with a nest of slippery snakes while conducting their work. 

Whilst digging trail holes to improve the motorway, the snakes were sucked up through one of VAC UK’s industrial vacuum excavators.

These powerful vacs have a suction speed of 375KW and are commonly used in a variety of construction environments including airport, highways, rail, water, nuclear and housing sectors. They can also be used on waste transfer building renovation etc.

Alerted by the hissing of the snakes workers acted quickly and were able to reach out to Environmental Advisors to ensure all parties could formulate a plan for the safe extraction of the den of snakes.

The general consensus was that they might be too late and that the snakes’ luck may have run out. However, that wasn’t the case, with those working on the motorway focussing their attention on saving the snakes while stopping their work for 12 hours.  

Eventually, the snakes, whose notoriety by this point had locals wondering if anacondas now lived wild in the UK, were successfully found and gently released back in to the wild. 

The freed snakes turned out to be grass snakes, a wild non venomous species of the reptile which feeds mostly on amphibians. 

They were returned to their habitat, while those within the VAC UK work crew, were relieved that they could get back to work without the need to call in a snake charmer.

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