Beautiful White Smiles are Now Easier and More Affordable in the Toronto Area

Brightening and Whitening Canadian Smiles in the Toronto Area is Now Easy and Affordable!

Having a beautiful, white smile enhances self-esteem.  More Canadians now are realizing this and seeking tooth whitening treatments both from cosmetic dentists in office and with at-home treatments.  Time is an issue however for many individuals as they work long, hard hours and have a very hectic lifestyle.  The time factor needed for teeth whitening is being addressed however, by many dental practices, including The Art of Dentistry, in Yorkville, Toronto.  With the advent of take-home types of tooth whitening systems, and quick in office procedures of sometimes only 30 minutes, Canadians are now religiously using tooth whitening systems. 

One of the most popular procedures is called the Zoom Tooth Whitening System.

Whitening with this system uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light and results are immediate.  It’s quick and easy, and an application of a paste to reduce tooth sensitivity after the procedure is first done.  Tooth sensitivity has always been a drawback in whitening systems, and the Zoom Tooth Whitening System eliminates most of this unwanted side effect.  The sensitivity occurs because of an adverse reaction in some people to the hydrogen peroxide, especially when whitening at home using over the counter type products.  Going to a dental professional for tooth whitening, because a paste is applied first to prevent this, is most times the best way to avoid or reduce sensitivity.  Even if a dental professional provides take home whitening, they do supply preventive products and the correct levels of hydrogen peroxide.  Levels of hydrogen peroxide can vary from a 3 percent to a 10 percent solution. 

There are varying levels of hydrogen peroxide used in tooth whitening.

Of course, the higher the level, the more quickly teeth are whitened.  However, when doing this at home, without proper consultation first with a qualified cosmetic dentist, it’s hard to determine which level is best.  A dental professional will not only use the lowest amount possible of hydrogen peroxide, but also apply de-sensitizing paste first, and then follow up with ultraviolet light to enhance results quickly.  Hydrogen peroxide is an oxygenizing agent used for many types of lightening, not just teeth whitening.  Ultraviolet light is a gentle light that warms surfaces without harm, leading to quicker, and pain-free results in tooth whitening.  Ultraviolet light is present even in sunlight and does deliver Vitamin D to the body.  It has a variety of uses besides tooth whitening and is not harmful.  In fact, it is quite beneficial. 

Affordability is also enhanced now with new professional tooth whitening. 

Advances are such that patients can usually choose to have tooth whitening done quickly in a dental office, or instead have trays made professionally and provide their own treatments at home.  Custom trays can be worn during the day for a specified amount of time, or during the night while sleeping.  The professional products are used in accordance with a dental professional’s guidance and therefore safer and more effective than the kits bought at retailers.  Since the levels of hydrogen peroxide can vary greatly a consultation with a good cosmetic dentist is always recommended before any tooth whitening is attempted in order to ensure less sensitivity and other unwanted side effects.

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The Art of Dentistry is a dental practice in Yorkville, Toronto.  This dental practice is headed by Doctor Sol Weiss, DMD, who is a cosmetic dentist.  There is an online chat line, extensive hours, including evening hours, and once monthly Saturday hours, plus email, phone and an online appointment booking form and online consultations. 

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