GABA School Provides Evidence-Based Treatment to People with Cognitive, Communication and Learning Problems

Toronto Clinic Has Offered Treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury Since 2012.

GABA School opened in 2012 to provide a range of evidence-based services to people of all ages that experience learning and mental coordination challenges.

The clinic is based in downtown Toronto in the charming setting of a renovated historic former bank building. The clinic began life focusing on helping patients with brain injuries to recover and recuperate from their ordeals. Since 2012, the clinic has also expanded to provide services in 3 other main areas including helping patients to recover from strokes, helping children to manage and develop with learning difficulties, and to assist both adults and children that experience issues with swallowing and other oral disorders. Autism programs are also offered for all ages, including behavioral and speech therapy.

A TherapySpot spokeswoman commented that “Our programs aim to achieve great outcomes for our patients. We work on the principle of using evidence as the basis for designing all our programs and treatments, and we are incredibly proud of the results our patients achieve. The clinic includes a range of best-in-class facilities, including a viewing gallery, modern accessibility, and all the most modern and leading edge therapy resources in our field”.

The GABA School program is the wrap-around educational program that runs out of the clinic and provides learning and treatments to a range of ages. Children benefit from the school’s focus on individual goals that are worked towards and achieved in an appealing social setting in which other children learn and grow together.

The school’s programs have grown to include a range of programs and evidence-based treatments including speech disorders (both standalone and those that occur as a result of autism), schooling in social interactions and environments, behavior targeting and correction, sensory education and care, and a range of other treatments and practices. The range of programs aim to cover all aspects of patients’ daily lives, including meal experiences, speech and sign language training, socialization and storytelling.

It also adopts the ‘Zones of Regulation’ approach that encourages patients to discover four different zones that develop awareness and independence through learning a greater ability to control emotional responses. It also encourages and teaches pupils how to handle impulsive behavior tendencies, and as a result assisting them to improve problem solving skills, and to more diplomatically resolve situations of conflict. 

The school’s program name, GABA, is an acronym for Gestalt Applied Behavior Analysis. This is the school’s specialized program that combines the goals and needs of individual patients and students with the collective needs of the social group with other children. This unique approach, delivered within the beautiful historic downtown setting provides the perfect environment for children with unique challenges to thrive and develop in a program that is not simply “one size fits all”.

About TherapySpot

GABA School is a Toronto-based school and clinic that opened in 2012 to provide a range of evidence-based services to children and adults. The clinic’s services are specially tailored for those that experience learning and mental coordination challenges, and benefit from more bespoke learning programs than conventional education establishments can provide.

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