The New Hero from Gunfire Reborn Comes Out

Everything you want is in the latest update – new hero, game difficulty, monsters, and weapons

Gunfire Reborn is a FPS+Roguelite+RPG game. Since its launch into Early Access in May, it keeps a spot in Steam’s top 10 weekly best sellers and still maintains a 95% positive reviews. Gunfire Reborn is so popular not only because the game itself is incredibly playable, but also because the development team updates the game almost every week. Today, Duoyi Interactive Entertainment carries out a major version update on Gunfire Reborn. In this update, new melee heroes, new game difficulty, new weapons and new monsters are added into the game.

The new hero is called Qing Yan, and its prototype is falcon. Unlike Crown Prince and Ao Bai, Qing Yan is a melee hero who uses armor as defense. Therefore, it has a unique armor recovery method and two special skills – Leap and Cleave. Leap as the primary skill allows Qing Yan to leap forward with a hard kick. It deals damage to all enemies with 7 metres, and restores armor when it hits an enemy. Cleave is the secondary skill which allows Qing Yan to cleave recklessly and deal damage to the enemies within a fan-shape. If you want to experience the feeling of showing off among a group of enemies, try the Kung Fu Hero — Qing Yan!

For players who have already passed the elite difficulty and reached level 120, the best news is Gunfire Reborn introduces nightmare mode! As an upgrade version of the elite difficulty, the nightmare difficulty has enhanced monsters, which is a new challenge for players. The development team recommends that the entry threshold for elite difficulty is level 40, and the entry threshold for nightmare difficulty is level 80. Players who like the challenge must not miss the nightmare difficulty!

Sting and Talisman are two new weapons added in this update. Sting’s fire mode will automatically rotate between three-round burst, two-round burst and single-round burst. In single shot mode, hitting enemies can cause explosion and break the armor of normal enemies. Talisman is a weapon that can switch between different elements and auto-lock the weakness of the enemy. The earlier you start playing Gunfire Reborn, the sooner you can unlock the Sting and Talisman!

There are two new monsters: Elite Corrupt Monk and Umbrella Spirit. Elite Corrupt Monk is a more powerful Corrupt Monk who can create its own mirror image with demonic aura, and summon perilous Large Lantern Spirit. Umbrella Spirit is a monster that looks like an umbrella and loves to fly at low altitude. It is difficult to detect its existence in the night of Duo Fjord. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of some players, Bandit Tactician’s damage has also been slightly reduced.

Gunfire Reborn is a very cost-effective game, and there is a 10% discount on Steam now! To connect with other players for tips or co-op play join the official Discord. Do not hesitate, Gunfire Reborn is the game you deserve!

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