Coronavirus killing cleaning system uses automation to promote safe computer sharing during COVID-19

qkClean dispenses hand sanitizer before users can access shared computers in schools, workplaces, libraries

Somerdale, N.J. – Research indicates that a computer keyboard harbors more germs than the average toilet seat: upwards of 13,295 germs per square inch by some estimates.

With more people going back to work and school during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an urgent need to remove germs from shared spaces. Nowhere is this more acutely felt than at schools and workplaces, where shared computers are often coated with viruses and bacteria from the hands of the different people who use these devices throughout the day.

One automation company has pivoted to create a solution to issues of re-opening during the pandemic: qkClean is a unique product that leverages the power of automation to make hand sanitizing before using a shared computer mandatory.

qkClean is a touchless, hands-free disinfectant dispenser that plugs into a USB port on any computer, preventing access to that computer until the user disinfects their hands. The compact and ergonomic qkClean dispenser can be placed anywhere convenient to the user’s computer.

When a user approaches a computer connected to a qkClean device, the computer is locked by default with customizable instructions on the screen. A touchless sensor will detect the user, who will then be prompted to use a disinfectant dispensed from the device to cleanse their hands before the computer is unlocked and ready for use.

Each dispenser comes with access to a secure, cloud-based portal through which system administrators can generate usage reports, set up sanitizer replenishment notifications, and control device settings for any number of qkClean units throughout their facility.

The plug-and-play qkClean is fully compliant with the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines.

For more than 18 years, the makers behind qkClean have provided automation solutions and self-service equipment to schools, libraries, and medical facilities.

“In these dire times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to apply our knowledge of automation and innovation to create solutions that protect people from the spread of the virus,” said Val,  spokesperson for qkClean. “As a result, we have modified our production and created this product specifically for schools and libraries to guarantee that kids don’t spread the virus to themselves, teachers, and their parents. It also works at home to reinforce good hand-cleaning habits and prevents the spread of bacteria from individual users’ hands via their keyboards.” 

Every qkClean system comes with a 30-day warranty and technical support.

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