Gamification makes life more satisfying right now, says Rustam Gilfanov.

Gamification is a process of using game techniques in different areas not belonging to a gaming world, including education or cooking. It surrounds you everywhere; however, people don’t pay attention to it. Rustam Gilfanov, an IT businessman and a multinational investor talks about the way gamification in our daily life can make our subsistence better.

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Firstly, we have to notice that contrary to stereotypes, adults play games more than a younger generation. According to several researches, there’re almost 2.5 billion gamers in all parts of the globe, and this number gets bigger regularly.

The most recent essential tendency at the interface between gaming and our everyday life is the gamification of positive habits. An enormous number of applications are being developed on the market that are aimed to help people develop their daily skills. For example, drinking 2 liters of water each day, working out in the morning, meditating or cooking healthy food.

The most essential advantage of this way of education is the fact that game techniques give an incitement to finish that you began. As Rustam Gilfanov says, games can motivate people greatly. Often people just suffer from a lack of the stimulus to act a certain way to the automatic way. According to the recent research, you have to do something at least 66 days to make it your habit. Mobile apps become a controlling mechanism that sends users push notifications and motivate them with rewards. Furthermore, people can actually see how much time has left to reach their goals and the number of “rewards” has left to finish a particular level of education.

“It’s significant not to forget that this way of education will start working if a particular person realizes the importance of positive habits for his daily life and professional improvement. In this case, game techniques are workable equipment for achieving goals,” Gilfanov thinks.

Brief biography

In 2006, Rustam Gilfanov founded an IT firm devoted to the outsourcing services in Kyiv together with his partner. Nowadays, this corporation is the main software developer in the gaming sphere, marketing and a financial industry.

Several years ago, Gilfanov stopped working on this project and started to invest money in promising IT startups in the areas of financial services, gaming and video streaming.

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