Epic Cycles Offer Electric Bike Conversion Kits to Get Started with Electric Bikes

Toronto Bike Company Can Power Up Your Existing Bike to Get You Started.

Toronto-based Epic Cycles enable customers to have the best of both worlds – still getting good value from their existing pedal bike, but also having the opportunity to try out the electric bike experience. For bike users not wanting to invest straight away in an electric bike, Epic Cycles offer the perfect solution. This fits in perfectly with Epic cycles overall mission of minimizing environmental impacts, while making travel more fun, accessible and convenient for its customers.

That solution is conversion kits that enable traditional bikes to be powered up as though they are electric. By choosing an electric kit for an existing bike, customers enjoy not only a cost effective way of sampling a starter electric bike, but they also benefit from the additional power and convenience that electric bikes provide. The cost saving alone compared to buying a brand new, purpose built electric bike can run into the hundreds of dollars.

From a safety aspect, the kits also enable customers to stay with the traditional bike they are familiar with while they get in tune with the workings of an electric version. Comfort-wise, adapting an existing bike is also a great option, especially on bikes already fitted out with customized parts. Importantly, the kits are not just about pedal power – they also come complete with an electronic brake system to ensure that your bike’s stopping ability matches its pedal power!

For customers that live in the city, not needing to keep a traditional bike and an electric bike in a smaller space such as an apartment can also be an advantage. So for those that are not ready to move completely away from traditional bikes, keeping a hybrid style bike that can be converted between electric and conventional is a perfect way of getting the benefits of both type of bike.

Swapping back and forth and removing the electronic kit is easy and quick, and is actually more desirable than riding a purpose built electric bike without using the electrical assistance, as this can be quite a cumbersome experience.

In addition to that, the conversion kits are easy to add on, and can be ordered in store at Epic Cycles Toronto HQ, or via the online catalog. The kits are easy to self-assemble, and the customer has the choice of either doing it themselves, or utilizing the installation services provided by Epic Cycles.

The kits are ideally suited for 26 inch bikes, but can also be used on models of slightly varying sizes. Charge times for the electric kits can be up to 6 hours for a full charge, and a full battery provides up to a 55 mile range from the point of a full charge.

About Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles, a Toronto-based eBike and scooter manufacturer and retailer, aim to make eco-friendly travel more convenient, fun and affordable for its customers. With a focus on design and quality and over a decade of product development and research, the company is a market leader in electronic bikes and scooters.

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