Fashion Model, Influencer Kimona Peart Says Faith in Herself Made Her an Achiever

August 21, 2020 Fashion model and influencer, Kimona Peart, knew she was cut out for the modelling world very early in life. At a young age, she was able to identify her passion and work towards it. She says her dedication and belief in her abilities have helped her to excel in her chosen field.

A fun-loving and down to earth person, Peart loves photography. Perhaps it is this love for visual detail that made her notice models on the pages of fashion and beauty magazines. Infatuation soon gave way to passion and the poise of the models influenced her so much that she made an important career decision in her life. However, she is also humble and believes that she has much to learn moving forward in the area of modelling. 

While she is not focussing on modelling, Peart focuses on growing her hobbies and passions into lucrative passtimes. She finds a lot of fun in swimming, photography, rock climbing and so on. She is also a person who enjoys fun runs or a nice walk. Music, movies and shopping round up the list of her other, favourite passtimes. Perhaps these active hobbies have helped her to keep in shape. She also works out at home and at the gym and focuses on her health very much.

On Modelling, Peart says that she approaches it depending on her moods. For example, she could be casual and down to earth at one point and easily transition to someone who is free-spirited and original. On some occasions, she is bold and outstanding in clothes that make a statement, while on others she prefers to bring on her feminine self. 

A big fan of Nike, Peart feels that the company makes the best athletic gear. Further, their innovation is testament to their commitment to quality, she says. Her favourite brands are FashionNova, Versace, Pretty Little Thing, and Ralph Lauren.

Going forward, Peart dreams of a big break in her career, which would be when she gets a chance to work with companies that are aligned with her goals; firms such as VOGUE and ELLE. For a person who was inspired by these magazines from a young age, working with them is a dream-come-true. She also has an eye on companies that focus on helping others. On the professional front, she has been inspired by designers such as Donatella Versace, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson and Kate Spade among others.

Peart is on Instagram @mskimona and is currently working on developing her website.

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