Charter Pacific, LLC has Changed its name to Sancilio & Company, Inc. and Restarts Operations in Stuart and West Palm Beach, Florida

August 21, 2020 – Stuart, Florida – Charter Pacific, LLC (CPL) a limited liability company belonging to the Sancilio family announced today a name change to Sancilio & Company, Inc. (SCI). The Company has also changed from an LLC to a Subchapter S corporation domiciled in Florida.  CPL was founded in 2008 as an insurance brokerage specializing in healthcare insurance for small to medium sized businesses and held rental and investment properties. The Company’s insurance operations were sold to a third party in 2016 and remaining assets were divested between 2017-2020.  

The purpose of the renamed company is to consolidate several existing family LLCs under one holding company bearing the name of a predecessor firm that was abandoned in 2015.  The Sancilio family founded the original Sancilio & Company, Inc. back in 2005.  Its mission to develop therapeutics based on fatty acids was interrupted in 2015 when institutional investors were added, and the Company moved its assets into a Delaware corporation bearing the name Sancilio Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. (SPCI) thereby abandoning the Florida corporation.  Then, after a sudden change of control in 2017 when several institutional investors took over majority control of the company, Dr. Fred Sancilio and Mrs. Alex Sancilio resigned and had no further operational responsibilities.  Subsequently, SPCI failed and its assets were sold.  

“Before we brought in institutional investors, Sancilio & Company, Inc. was a great place to work” said its former CEO, Fred D. Sancilio.  “Sometimes the interests of investors aren’t aligned with those of the entrepreneurs and those deviations cause riffs that are irreconcilable, much like a marriage, and these kinds of divorces are just as messy” he continued to say. The new company will continue much of the work started at the former but with a modern twist.  SCI will operate primarily as a virtual company using a diverse group of associated companies that are related to Sancilio’ s network and relationships spanning over 45 years in the pharmaceutical industry.  SCI will be structured to own several subsidiary companies:

  • Omega Blu, LLC – Founded in 2018, Omega Blu has manufactured and is selling a line of Omega-3s to consumers.  These highly sophisticated Omega-3 products utilize a purer form of the essential fatty acids in a triglyceride ester that is more absorbent and therefore better for you than other brands of omega-3 fish oils.  Visit our web page at

  • Clearway Global, LLC – Founded in 2018, Clearway Global (CGL) was established to utilize Sancilio’s global network of suppliers, vendors, contractors and academicians to help entrepreneurs convert ideas into clearly planned drug development programs.  CGL has taken ideas and structured development programs, funded them and moved them through the development process in record time.  Currently, 5 products are moving through the development program utilizing our sophisticated network of CROs and CDMOs worldwide.  CGL also participates in arranging funding for these ventures and has successfully helped fund several new companies and their programs.  Visit our web page at

  • OleraLife, – Established in 2019, OleraLife™ is a brand of fatty acids specifically formulated to treat sickle cell disease SCD.  The product utilizes totally natural ingredients to create a super-bioavailable fatty acid blend that has been shown to impact the severity of SCD.  Sickle cell disease impacts millions of people worldwide and over 150,000 people in the United States.  Currently, SCD is treated with very expensive drugs that recently entered the US market.  Most cost over $150,000/year/child, far too expensive for the average person to afford.  OleraLife™, our solution for SCD, will be available for one tenth the current cost of other treatments and is affordable for export to people afflicted with this serious disease who have no alternative.

  • Nature’s Brain Care™  Recently established by Sancilio, Nature’s Brain Care supplement is a complex mixture of 3 natural substances each of which have been clinically tested to mitigate the impact of dementia from aging.  The unique dosage form will be available in January 2021.

Sancilio & Company, Inc. operates out of offices in Stuart and West Palm Beach, Florida.  The Company, through its subsidiaries, engages several dozen contract employees many of which are in Martin and Palm Beach County with others located in the United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, China, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan, The Philippines and India.  Dr. Sancilio said, “this is truly a global company where we interact with people we’ve known for several decades and who have proven track records of success, honesty and loyalty”.  Alex Sancilio said in closing, “I am extremely proud of the work we are doing to treat dementia and Covid-19”, she added “without our Company both these and the work on sickle cell disease might never have gotten off the ground.”

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