Why Should The Compressor Be Added To The Inverter?

Why Should The Compressor Be Added To The Inverter?

In the current compressor market, inverter screw compressors, permanent magnet variable frequency screw compressors, and secondary compression permanent magnet inverter compressors are all controlled by inverters to achieve adjustment of compressor frequency and stabilize compressors. The export pressure realizes the automatic switching of the frequency conversion of the compressor equipment. So why do you need to add a frequency converter to so many compressors?

First, the compressor is generally selected according to the actual demand of the design working condition. Under normal circumstances, the compressor is operated all year round. It has to cross the extreme weather in winter and summer, so it faces a relatively complicated external environment, and the actual work. There is inevitably a certain deviation between the situation and the design, so the compressor power will have a proper margin.

Second, at this stage, the compressor energy adjustment mainly includes intermittent control operation, suction adjustment, cylinder unloading, bypass adjustment and infinitely variable speed adjustment. Among them, the intermittent operation of the compressor is a relatively common operation mode. When the ambient temperature is higher than the set temperature, the compressor will start running, the ambient temperature will drop below the set temperature, and the compressor will stop working.

This mode of operation is suitable for situations where the ambient temperature is relatively stable and the load is not large, but in the actual use process, the ambient temperature is not constant at any time. In extreme weather and complex working conditions, various production activities will cause changes in the cooling load, frequent temperature changes, frequent engine start and stop, resulting in a large energy waste, and also easy to wear machine parts.

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