The Ridge Liquidity Provider CEO Paul Tarasov shares the long-term plan that allows investors to enjoy market maker benefits in breeze

CEO profile: The Ridge CEO Paul Tarasov is a company leader with first-class communication and management skills. He graduated from National Kyiv National University of Economics with a master’s degree, and has in-depth research on all current economics, social and regulatory, and general environments. Through his in-depth financial technology knowledge and unremitting research, he finally developed the Alpha Trade AI System in 2016. Through the operation of the Alpha Trade AI System, it can improve the trading experience and quickly match orders (internal hedging or sell orders) to create continuous income.

In 2020, the world is facing the Covid-19 crisis. With the spread of the epidemic, countries have imposed movement control, causing all walks of life to face unprecedented challenges and even had to close down their business. Countless people have lost their jobs and faced life pressure. With the changes in life style, people are ushering in the “new normal” which have changed our way of life. For example, social distancing, mandatory wearing of masks and changing people’s traditional shopping and work patterns, work from home and online office have become the future trend. Under the epidemic crisis, the global financial transaction volume continues to hit new highs. When they are unable to work, more people choose to use investments to find a “turnaround” from the crisis.The investment model is constantly developed under the changing times, and the popularity of network speed makes investment so simple. In the past, investing might sounds be something that is for the rich or entrepreneurs. But now it has made everything so easy.

Paul Tarasov shared in an interview, “When I started in the financial market and whilst in the process of training company brokers, I found that the biggest pain point of being an IB broker was how to stabilize customer traffic. After investors participated in the projects and because the lack  professional knowledge leads to a very low survival rate (loss) of customers, which then leads to the IB brokers needing to constantly find new customers in order to stabilize their income.With the help of the company, we provide comprehensive professional training and financial knowledge, the customers investment able to obtain stable profit, which helps the income of brokers continued to increase, this will then lead to the goal of mutual gain.

In the era of crisis, more people and more people want to join this opportunity-filled and profitable industry. This is where The Ridge is born.

The concept of The Ridge’s new market maker shared traffic pool is a project born to adapt to this environment: Allowing everyone in the world to be an investor and an excellent broker. The company provides comprehensive financial industry services, independent trading training, trade provision, white label construction, and even becomes a shareholder of the market maker and shared the traffic pool together with the company. Through these, I believe that it can help all brokers achieve absolute success in the financial field.

The long-term goal of The Ridge is manifested in the following aspects:

a) Traffic data: Continue to stabilize order matching and expand the traffic pool to increase the flexibility and depth of traffic under the platform

b) Financial Technology: With a top risk control team and top matching system, it can match orders in seconds

c) Safety Index: In the era of financial turmoil, through the cooperation of artificial intelligence and risk control, investors can avoid investment risks and create stable and long-term returns.

2020 is a once-in-a-year opportunity, join us and be success in the crisis years.

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