DriverLoan USA Propelled Its New Online High-Yield Investment Platform: DriverLoan Investors Club

DriverLoan Investors Club aims to create more wealth opportunities for everyone

DriverLoan USA (the “Organization”), a leading cash advance arrangement provider for ride-share drivers in the U.S, is eager to announce that it has propelled its new online investment platform, DriverLoan Investors Club. This will be a combination between a reserve funds framework and an investing program with the ordinary adaptability of a reserve funds program. It has a superior ideal speculation technologic system that mitigates default risks.

The Chief Executive Officer of DriverLoan USA recently stated that “2020 has been a surprise for us all. The unprecedented circumstances have made us question our sparing, contributing, and spending. We as a whole need to reclassify a superior method of dealing with our cash to prepare ourselves for any unforeseen changes. Conventional banks, where investment accounts pay a premium that is weakened against yearly swelling, can’t fulfill our necessities. In this circumstance, the Federal Reserve cut its benchmark loan cost because of the infection’s danger. Some Robo-advisors also brought down the rates of their money board accounts.”

With an idea of investing as simple as streaming music or requesting from Amazon, DriverLoan Investors Club offers adaptability for any American adult to begin sparing and investing with as little as 50 dollars while generating a 15% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). The assets kept by financial specialists are utilized efficiently. The cash advance model depends on the emergent market of rideshare independent drivers that work with Uber, Amazon, and Lyft. All cash advance applications adjusted through DriverLoan are separated by a one of a kind, State-Of-The-Art credit handling framework that utilizes computerized reasoning (AI) that generates a financial behavioral model assessment of the candidate’s paying capabilities, diminishing default by 83%.

All-in-all, DriverLoan USA presents a win-win situation for everyone on board. While cash seekers have the opportunity to receive small instant cash advances, investors also have the chance to invest steadily in a safe and secure environment that the company facilitates. This unique model benefits self-employed drivers, helping them meet their regular financial necessities. At the same time, it offers investors an alternative in which they can diversify a portion of their investment portfolio in a flexible and profitable platform.

The company’s investment platform delivers investors a rigid ROI through a system where investors’ funds are utilized for the cash advances of self-employed drivers applicants across the country. These investments boost the source of DriverLoan USA’s cash advances loaned to qualified drivers. What makes DriverLoan Investors Club a great investment vehicle is that it is easy-to-use and it is 100% free. The only requirements are registering through the platform online, setting up your investment account with a minimum of $50 paid with a debit card, and a minimum term of three months. Another great thing is that the platform performs a compounding daily interest and users can be updated on how their investment is yielding from their dashboard online.

Because of the fast development of the rideshare market, which is anticipated to outperform $220 billion by 2025 at a pace of about 20% per year, the company makes brilliant contributing chances and sees a splendid future. The fact that this business model is hardly being slowed down by the pandemic we are living through shows that it is indeed a sustainable model.

This pandemic has understandably caused a lot of financial stress for rideshare drivers, making a surge in cash advance applications hardly surprising. This presents a great opportunity for people looking to invest money and earn a fixed return, rather than stocking their dollars in the banks at poorly low-interest rates. DriverLoan Investors Club is currently in a web version but plans to launch an iOS and Android app by the end of this year. In this world of constant urbanization, where convenience triggers growth the rideshare and online delivery are arguably the best industries to invest in. DriverLoan USA has harnessed that prospect through its simple, yet effective investment platform: DriverLoan Investors Club.

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