Huawei Ascend Boosts AI Startups to Take off, Cloudpick and Huawei reached a strategic cooperation to explore the infinite possibilities of industry+AI

Recently, the first offline meeting of Huawei Ascend AI Startup Incubation Program was held at Hangzhou Research Institute of Huawei. A total of 8 Chinese AI startups participated in the meeting, and 4 of them obtained the eligibility for incubation. As an unmanned retail startup in China, Cloudpick has managed to join the incubation program based on its excellent commercial results in recent years, and will commence further cooperation with Huawei to jointly explore future development opportunities in the global market.

Founded in 2017, Cloudpick is a smart retail solution provider based on computer vision, providing offline brick-and-mortar retail stores with smart store solutions, delivering the grab-and-go shopping experience to customers that does not need to queue for checkout. In addition to providing consumers with a convenient shopping experience, the computer vision system installed in the store can also quickly identify static tags such as customer identities and social attributes, and build dynamic tags such as brand preferences and purchasing power based on previous shopping trajectories and consumption records, offering pivotal historical reference for future operation.

Following the cooperation with Huawei, Cloudpick will receive training, development support and other technical support as well as global marketing support from Huawei. In the process, Cloudpick will witness in-depth integration with Atlas, an artificial intelligence computing platform applying AI processor of Huawei Ascend series, bolstering offline retail stores to complete data collection and data analysis projects for business decision-making.

It is reported that Huawei and Cloudpick has a history of cooperation for more than 3 years previously. At the conference of the third HUAWEI CONNECT in 2018, “Huawei Cloud × Cloudpick Unmanned Convenience Store” showed visitors a black-tech artificial intelligence convenience store with an unmanned cashier and automatic mobile payment in response to Huawei Cloud accelerating “+AI” in various industries. In 2019, at the conference of the HUAWEI CLOUD Summit Singapore themed “+AI, Grow with Intelligence”, Huawei signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with a number of companies including Cloudpick to deepen mutual cooperation and development in cloud computing and AI applications.

The commercial launch of Cloudpick is extremely rapid. Since its establishment in 2017, it has launched various unmanned stores in Asia, North America and beyond. In the future, Cloudpick’s non-inductive payment system will also serve as a data portal to help traditional retail stores collect real-time user portraits, consumer shopping behaviors, transaction information and other full-dimensional business data. Through the Cloudpick++ data engine, it can cut to personalized experience, digital decision-making and other operation scenarios, optimizing more retail links.

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