Rediscovering Old School Rock: Jean-Marc Boulier

When 70s rock meets new age music with soulful composition and heartfelt lyrics

His favorite quote is “When words fail, music speaks”, and rightfully so because Jean-Marc Boulier’s music sounds like a love letter to the art of music spilling out of the pages.

About Jean-Marc Boulier

Jean-Marc has just released his newest original single “Twisting The Knife” and we could not have asked for a more perfect ballad.

Jean-Marc Boulier is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. He identifies best with the rock genre and claims that his music is a blend of 70s rock amplified with modern elements of music. His creative genius ranges from soft rock to jazz-funk.

His Music & His Inspiration

When talking about his inspiration behind making music and the kind of music he makes, he said that he is inspired to make music, to write songs, and sing his compositions the most because of how music allows him to communicate his feelings and his emotions. He continued by quoting his favorite quote “When words fail, music speaks”. He looks at music as a universal connector and adept translator. “You may not even speak the same language”, he said, “but to understand the message and mood behind a song, you don’t have to”. He also added that he has had more success reaching out to people through music, and rightfully so. His songs are brilliantly written and expressive.

When speaking on his style of music, he said that he is inspired by the great classic rock bands of the 70s and likes to mix these influences with more modern sounds, as well as cross genres, to come up with an exquisite cocktail of eloquent music. “I feel it is important to be able to escape from the ordinary and that is what I’m striving to offer to my audience”, he added to that.

Jean-Marc Boulier is currently being represented by Singaporean music label SoundWise Music Production.

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