Indie Artist Casey Ryan Setting a New Standard for Singer-Songwriters

Casey Ryan, hailing from Northern Idaho and once known as the solo act ‘Hymn & Her’, is reaching for something different to gain out of the world of acoustic music. It is no question that during a time when music has been upheaved on a global level that artists are struggling with where to put their motivation. “I’m having to put myself through musical bootcamp.” Casey said in a recent interview with Songwriter’s Choice, “Having loads of material and no where to sing it live is challenging, but I’m forcing myself to do it hours a day at home.” Ryan has claimed to put in up to 12 hours a week on simply writing in a notebook to inspire a creative spark during his downtime from touring; a habit which reflects his solemn yet edgy lyrics in tracks like ‘Damaged’ and ‘Sleep Deprived’. His self-produced album ‘III’ that was released in 2017 saw nearly Platinum level success in Canada, and over 25,000 downloads in the UK. As an independent artist, that is nearly unheard of, especially when it comes to the critique side of music. “I write what I feel, and if that resonates with people than I’ve done my job, and it’s not up to me to decide how people take it once it’s out.” Casey says when asked about fan interpretation. The ability to remain humble in a world packed full of inauthenticity is a testament to Casey Ryan’s character and spirit.

Additionally, Casey is notorisouly known for being adamant about spending time alone in his process. Creatives typically find solace in retreating to their sacred spaces for writing, however it’s artists like Casey Ryan who are changing the notion that solitude is the only means to portray a message through harnessing art. “I’ve been reaching out to fans, friends, and strangers for inspiration through them.” Casey adds “Hearing their stories of suffering and struggle have helped me immensely in understanding existential perspectives of another and allowing me to write more meaningful content.” This standard of holding oneself accountable while also remaining objective is the sign of a true artist. Casey Ryan is assuredly a model to the reslience of a select few in these uncertain times, and when the world is ready to begin again, he will be there with more incredible music to hear than ever. 

Casey Ryan can be found on all major streaming and download platforms, as well as on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter searching @caseyryanmusic, or at He is set to head into the studio in Phoenix, AZ in the fall. 

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