Maverick Media Is Helping Businesses Double Their Referrals Even During COVID-19 Social Distancing

Maverick Media Lab has developed a marketing system that helps service-based businesses generate more referrals through building strategic partnerships even during COVID-19.

Los Angeles, CA – August 24, 2020 – Businesses struggling to build referral partnerships especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic can finally heave a sigh of relief. Maverick Media Lab has developed a unique referral partnership building system that has helped businesses generate more referrals even amidst the social distancing norms of the COVID-19 era. Which means businesses no longer have to rely on lunch and learns and networking events like BNI and Chamber of Commerce to generate leads and referral partners. Maverick Media Lab’s Referral Connector Blueprint system enables businesses to increase referrals without advertising spend or in-depth technical knowledge.

Per the statements of Maverick Media Lab CEO Gilberto Rosas, most businesses either bank on word-of-mouth referrals or conventional marketing mediums like magazines (for example), which can be non-targeted and inefficient. Another option is to do online marketing campaigns like PPC, SEO and so on. These might work but oftentimes might not be suitable for businesses that have grown through referral partnerships. In other words, an online lead generation campaign might not align with the marketing efforts of these types of businesses and hence might pose challenges. This is where Maverick Media Lab’s Referral Connector Blueprint system fits the “missing piece of the puzzle’ for businesses that thrive on referral partnerships.

(In Frame: Maverick Media Lab CEO Gilberto Rosas)

Designed especially for service-based businesses like mortgage brokers, financial advisors, insurance agents, attorneys, CPAs, business brokers, and many other service providers; the Referral Connector Blueprint system presents a tested and proven framework which helps to generate more referrals through strategic partners using major platforms like LinkedIn and Zoom to introduce a new way to build business relationships.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of service based businesses mostly relied on networking events and face to face meetings with referral partners to grow their revenue. But given the current social distancing norms, networking events and face-to-face meetings have become non-existent.  Needless to mention, such a crisis has led to a situation where if traditional businesses can’t adapt, it will be a very tough time for them. This is where our Referral Connector Blueprint system can be used as the ‘bridge’ that can help businesses make a smooth transition to effective marketing even during the current pandemic”, stated Mr. Rosas.

Rosas and his team extends comprehensive support for every business that implements the Referral Connector Blueprint System. The process starts with a “Will This Work For Me Call” where a referral marketing specialist from the Maverick Media Lab team evaluates areas of opportunity in the business’ marketing plan and if both the parties agree, Maverick Media will launch the Referral Connector System and start generating qualified meetings with ideal strategic partners. The company will shoulder the entire responsibility of the marketing system and connect, qualify as well as book appointments for the business with its ideal referral partners every week as well as provide training and a value proposition analysis to ensure success with this service. 

“A major reason why our system works is that it supports businesses with a refined process that doubles inbound referrals using only organic methods. Put simply, our Referral Connector Blueprint system will help service-based businesses increase referrals without wasting money or time on inefficient marketing campaigns or trying to figure it all out yourself.”

About Gilberto Rosas

Based in Los Angeles, California, Gilberto Rosas is one of the leading referral marketing experts in the country today. Backed by over 6 years of experience in professional marketing, he has already achieved success in 30+ States and counting. Over the years, Rosas has worked with several industries such as mortgage, real estate, financial advisory firms, insurance and so on. Rosas founded Maverick Media Lab to help businesses grow revenue through his state-of-the-art and proven Referral Marketing System that helps to generate leads through strategic partnerships.

Maverick Media’s Referral Connector Blueprint system has already helped businesses to double (and sometimes triple) their referrals and revenue in a short time. For testimonials, and to see what others are saying about Maverick Media Lab, checkout the youtube video below.

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