Tennis Court and Sport Surface Contractors Should be Chosen Carefully

Proper tennis court construction and other sport surfaces if installed and maintained properly can and should last for years, possibly decades.  There are many elements however, which do impact the construction, such as how much usage a court is subjected to, where it is located, and the materials that are used in the tennis court construction.  Although other sport surfaces also face these same issues tennis courts require a special touch and the finest materials so that the wear and tear is minimized.  Crowell Surface Contractors, LTD, of Aurora, Ontario pride themselves on the newest installation techniques and the use of the finest materials possible. 

The more thorough the construction and the higher the grade of materials, the better the court!

The team at CrowAll Surface Contractors, LTD, takes extreme pride in its craftsmanship, years of experience, and attention to detail.  Each site where a court is to be resurfaced or entirely constructed from scratch is given thorough inspection before work starts.  Consultations with their experienced staff occurs and the focus is not only on the quality of construction or resurfacing but also on customer satisfaction.  Budgets are discussed as well as usage estimates and locations.  Tennis courts are meant to be used and playing on a court that is not constructed or maintained well does not keep enthusiasts of tennis coming back to it. 

Every aspect of a good solid tennis court construction should be taken into consideration.

Some are installed for private use at clubs and in the hospitality industry athotels and motels.  Others are installed publicly and get a great deal of usage as they do host tournaments and can have regularly scheduled singles and doubles matches with hundreds of users per month.  In addition, there are both indoor and outdoor courts, and the requirements for these are highly different.  Indoor courts can be constructed in such a way to be removable and can be generally hard surface courts if non-removable.  Clay courts indoors can be installed, and a watering system is used to keep them moist.  Carpet courts once were popular years ago for indoor usage but not as much now.  Outdoor courts run more of a gamut of installation, from grass to hard court, to artificial turf with many other alternatives. Artificial turf can be popular as it is easy to clean and maintain outdoors since outdoor tennis courts are subject to the elements. 

Sometimes after consultation, CrowAll may suggest resurfacing rather than full court reinstallation.

If only minor wear and tear shows up, with small cracks in either hard surface courts, or uneven elevations in grass and artificial turf, a whole new installation might not be needed but simply a repair of the problems that have been found.  With its focus on customer satisfaction, CrowAll Surface Contractors will never upsell.  They want what is best for the client.  Maintenance however will always be stressed as this leads to the longevity of any type of court.  Enjoyment of the court is their ultimate priority. 

About CrowAll Surface Contractors LTD

CrowAll Surface Contractors LTD is a family-owned and operated business that has served Ontario since 1977, when it was first opened.   Located in Aurora, Ontario, they serve a variety of areas, and are customer service oriented.  The latest construction technology is used and technicians highly trained.  There is an online form, a phone, and an email for contact.  Consultations are free and there is a ten-year warranty on their workmanship.  They offer installations, repair and maintenance of other types of courts as well.

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