Angel Watch: Truly the Ultimate GPS Smartwatch for Kids

Angel Watch: Truly the Ultimate GPS Smartwatch for Kids
It’s a smartwatch, a video phone, a safety device with GPS tracker for kids controlled by the parent through a proprietary app. Need we say more.

The US based Angel Watch™ is a company with a purpose. They think of their watch more as a ‘digital tether’ that allows for kids to live their childhoods outdoors more and give parents a bit of a breather while staying fully on top of where they are and what they’re doing. We like that.

What makes the waterproof 4G GPS Angel Watch™ unique is that it has both its own highly secure app and, for US customers, a partnership with a cell carrier over the AT&T network. This makes it work right out of the box as it should and is where so many others struggle.

Angel Watch™ seems to bring everything we would want out of a cell phone without all the parts we wouldn’t- the cost, it getting lost every minute, that any stranger could call your child or that opens the doors to the uncontrolled internet and distracting social media. That means clear communication, accurate location positioning, excellent safety and health features and no internet, no social media, and best all, all incoming calls blocked- other than those entered by the parent.

Using high speed 4G LTE data, Angel Watch™ allows for parents to accurately find the location of their child through GPS with an accuracy of up to 5m, and with LBS, even an underground car park!

With communication features such as HD video calls, reliable cellular calls, voice, picture and text messaging you can be sure you won’t have a shortage of ways to get in touch.

The watch also has numerous health tracking tools including pedometer, distance covered and with even estimated calories burned, to make kids a little more aware of the meaning on the back of that candy bar.

We particularly love that the Angel Watch™ has a dedicated SOS button that allows for one-press emergency calls to up to three parent-assigned numbers and paired with location tracking, parents can know exactly where they are when they’re calling. Angel Watch™ will definitely let you worry a little less about them having a bad fall on a bike alone.

Sending reward points to the watch is a great way to good behaviour. 10 points in a week, get a pizza? We can see how this incentivized breadcrumb approach could really help build good habits.

We also loved that this multiple Angel Watches can be connected to each other for kids to communicate directly watch-to-watch. Just as fun as walkie-talkies but definitely more practical.

Overall, this is one of our favorite entries into the space. The reviews from actual users are extremely promising, their customer support is outstanding and of all of the watches we feature, Angel Watch™ is the only one to offer a money back guarantee. That’s a big deal.

They even have a Brand Ambassador program you can join for free that gives you cash on referral. If you believe in this product as much as they do, you’ll get paid for it. Kerrching!

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