Black, Gifted & Whole Foundation announces 2020-2021 cohort and Introduces BLACK BOX Care Package Program for Black Queer Students

Black, Gifted & Whole Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping Black students and Black queer folx achieve their greatest potential. The organization is introducing a new cohort and the Black BOX program to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

Black, Gifted & Whole Foundation has introduced a new student ambassador cohort in 2020. The cohort consists of four graduate students. They are Brenton Brock (Ph.D. Year 1, majoring English: “Black queer religious space,” within African American literary ), Leslie Hall (Ph.D. Year 3, Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies), Stephon Bradberry (MA Year 1.5 majoring Political Communications), and Calvin Seino (MBA Year 1, majoring Executive MBA).


Black, Gifted & Whole Foundation, a non-profit foundation that focuses on helping the Black queer and community, also introducing a Black BOX program. The Black BOX care package is the organization’s fifth-anniversary special gift. It is based on the concern that many Black students have been displaced and need tangible support during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the gift package, the organization representative explained, “Each box varies and stocked full of our new 5-year anniversary merchandise and offerings from Black Queer authors such as Yolo Akili and George Johnson.” It is also supported by Black queer entrepreneurs like The Blairisms, THRIVE SS, The Mindful Techie & The LAMDA Lounge. In addition to the Black BOX care package, the organization representative also explained that there are 50 of the “Care Package” that is intended for students who truly need assistance. Currently they have already sent out 50 Blackboxes and are currently raising money to send out 30 more boxes. They have met the capacity until they receive additional funding.

They will also give monetary gifts to the first 30 students to apply. To get the #BlackBox package, please fill out the registration form at “You can also support our community and Black, Gifted & Whole Foundation by purchasing our new merchandise available at our online shop at,” said the organization representative.

President/CEO Guy Anthony said, “Black Queer students have been disproportionately displaced because of COVID-19, and Black, Gifted & Whole is doing our best to step in and help out where possible. As a much smaller organization than most, we don’t necessarily have the means to support monetarily, however, through our established connections with Black Queer Leaders and organizations, we can support them spiritually with reading materials, planners and WESources. Being Black, Gifted & Whole to us means stepping up whenever our #tribe is in need. And now, our tribe is in need more than ever before.”

About Black, Gifted & Whole Foundation

Black, Gifted & Whole Foundation has been established for five years. The organization is a  Black Queer-led organization currently supporting Black Queer Students. The organization strives to provide assistance and financial support to Black students and Black queer community to achieve their goals. They are aware that their existence should be taken into account as many Black queer students become successful in their field and help each other. On this fifth anniversary, the organization launched the fifth-anniversary merchandise and Black BOX care program. With the Black BOX program, they would help Black college students that have been displaced due to the pandemic uncertainty.

For more information about the organization, and give them support as well as a donation, please visit

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