Freelancer Boards Create Calm Out of Chaos

Freelancer Boards Create Calm Out of Chaos

Tatiana Belim, productivity strategist and creator of Freelancer Boards
Simple process to increase profitability and bring balance to any freelance business.

August 24, 2020 – Tatiana Belim, known as The Psychic Tech Wizard for her uncanny ability to know what her clients need in their systems before they do, released her newest productivity system, Freelancer Boards. Made for freelancers, solopreneurs and service providers, this easy to use system helps streamline client management processes so businesses can become more profitable while freeing up valuable time for the entrepreneur.

Freelancer Boards is a framework for service providers made up of several components to streamline project planning, track what tasks need to be completed for each client, generate better leads through a targeted prospecting system and end scope creep once and for all.

“Many people are jumping into the online space as entrepreneurs due to the pandemic but lack a system to manage their clients,” explains Belim. “They become a Disappearing Freelancer, speaking with a potential client but never following up. It happened to me multiple times which led me to create Freelancer Boards as I see it’s a serious problem for many.”

Freelancer Boards are created to help the user visualize the flow for each client’s journey with them, making it easier to set and achieve their goals,” she continues. “The result is the user will be more effective with their time, saving money and no longer feeling overwhelmed while their clients feel cared for. It’s a win/win for all!”

Freelancer Boards include Client Hub, Project Perfect, Prospecting Pro, and Collab Authority boards, ready to use in either Trello or Asana. Included are bonuses of email swipe files, discovery call scripts, access to the Attracting Ideal Clients Summit, and a one-month membership in the private Accountability Mastermind all for only $37

Tatiana Belim is known as The Psychic Tech Wizard, using her powers as a computer programmer to craft systems and solutions to simplify small business. Through her off-the-shelf offers and her custom-systems designs, she is committed to creating highly productive business systems and marketing automations so that entrepreneurs can focus on their zone of genius while making more money and investing their time wisely.

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