Residents Love What Reme-Halo® Air Quality Systems Do for Their Homes

Residents Love What Reme-Halo® Air Quality Systems Do for Their Homes

Most people, when at rest, take approximately 16 breaths per minute. This means each human will take around 8.4 million breaths each year. However, when people exercise, their breathing rate speeds up, which increases the breaths per minute significantly. There is no question that each one of these breaths matters.

While this is true, many people don’t give much thought to breathing unless, of course, something impedes their ability to do so. Unfortunately, subpar indoor air quality is something that affects millions of people every single day. It can cause an array of respiratory health issues and other problems.

A great way to improve indoor air quality is by visiting sites like to learn more about the Reme Halo® air purification system. Keep reading to find out how this device may help significantly improve a home’s indoor air quality.

How Does the Reme Halo®  In-Duct Purifier Actually Work? 

The Reme Halo®  system is unique. It uses an innovative technology called reflective electromagnetic energy to help purify the air moving through the home’s ducts. After the unit is installed correctly in the ducts, it produces hydrogen peroxide plasma. The plasma is sent through the air handler and the ducts, making its way into the home’s living areas.

Some of the other air purification systems that are used today require the pollutants to the professionals to install it at AirNow Cooling and Heating. This system takes a more proactive approach to air purification. The goal of the product is to reach the source of the pollutants and then purify them right away. Also, the charged plasma can induce the particle pollutants to become a solid-state and begin to stick together. This makes them bigger and much easier for the filter in the HVAC system to trap. The only thing a homeowner must do is to change the filter regularly.

It is important to note, the hydrogen peroxides that are used by this air purification system occur in the Earth’s atmosphere naturally. They are a substance that nature uses to purify the air.

Getting to Know the Benefits of the Reme Halo® Air Purification System

The air inside a home is often 100 times more polluted than the air that is outside. This will result in a huge and potentially harmful effect on an individual’s health and comfort. With the system in place, a homeowner can feel confident that all airborne particulates will be reduced and that up to 99% of all viruses, bacteria, and other microbial growth in the home will be eliminated. This alone makes it well worth the investment for most people. More about this is available at

When it comes to keeping the air inside a home safe and germ-free, there are several factors to consider. With the REME HALO Reme Halo®  unit, it is easier than most people imagine. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to ensure the desired effects are achieved.

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