Hamza Majdi: An Entrepreneur, A Leader & A Man of Substance & Integrity

Success is not accidental. It happens because an individual planned it to make it happen. As rightly emphasized, fame and fortune follow in the life of those who don’t wait for opportunities; rather they create them through hard work and perseverance. They create big goals in life and give their all to fulfill them. One such person is Hamza Majdi. He was not born lucky, rather his childhood was full of challenges and difficulties, and yet he aspired to think big, and dreamt of serving as a leader and contributing to the welfare of others. He believed that he could do it and kept striding ahead with determination and confidence. The simple yet profound philosophy that he always follows is – “be willing to sacrifice short term gains for the long term.” He not only successfully established himself as an independent brand promoter but also built a high performing team that gives him consistent results.  

He was only 18 years old when he attended an event of 20,000 entrepreneurs on request of his friend. He leveraged the existing platform of a company based on travel, e-learning and fintech and scaled his business. To him, the sky became the only limit as he opted for a plug and play business venture. His fixed costs were limited and he kept on soaring high and achieved success with limited initial capital and risks. Currently, he has over 40,000 distributors in over 15 countries and have generated a whopping $20 million in sales. Initially, he did face obstacles and challenges, but he stood victorious in the end. Every time he stumbled, he redoubled his enthusiasm and turned around any scenario to his favor. 

Success did not erase his humility. If someone meets him, they will be surprised to see that he remains grounded and grateful. Truly worthy are those who always share their success with others and Hamza Majdi is one of them. He encourages the newcomers and puts in time to teach aspiring marketers on this plug and play model to make it big.  His true victory lies in inspiring and empowering others to live the lives of their dreams. His biggest earning is the success and respect based on the service to others and this is what drives him.

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