Army Veteran Releases Empowering Children’s Books on Affirmations and Mantras

Find out the Methods used to Turn Shy, Fearful Children into Confident, Self-Assured Winners!

August 25, 2020 – School exams, self-love, and self-confidence, these are just some of the common conditions that oppress children of any age or background. Many parents find themselves either lacking or unable to help children overcome these challenges. But not Maddie’s Mom! Let’s find out how she helped Maddie destroy her nagging doubts and anxiety, all with the help of the sacred power of the mind, affirmations, and mantras!

These little affirmations and mantras exert a deep and subtle influence that can transform every child’s life. Like the way, they helped Maddie. Tosh Cole’s books are no ordinary tales, but entire packages that will help children overcome their everyday doubts and fears, and boldly venture forth to win every battle with pride.

One day Maddie is struck and paralyzed with fear. Just like many kids of her age, she feels like she hasn’t prepared enough for the school exam. Fear of failure affects children as much as adults. But Maddie’s Mom is no ordinary mother! She knows her daughter and tells her a little secret that helps Maddie pass the exam with ease.

Every child must understand the secret to conquering anxiety before any circumstance that they may face in life. To make sure your child or students are covered, they’ll need a copy of “Maddie’s Scary Exam: Conquer Stress Before the Test,” added to their book collection.

In Cole’s first children book series, Maddie develops a trait that is relatable to many young girls like her. Before her introduction to school, Maddie was a young, energetic, and playful kid. However, once school began, she turned into a shy, passive girl that found it difficult to make friends. Maddie felt herself to be abnormally different from others and she had difficulties fitting in. Feeling out of place made Maddie feel sad, lonely, and depressed. Until one day she spoke with her mom, and that little conversation changed everything.

Find out what Maddie learned from her mom that turned her into a happy, playful girl again: “MaddieLearns to Love Herself” (includes narrated animation).

Tosh Cole’s series of books are colorfully illustrated and intended for children of all ages and backgrounds. Cole’s methods that are detailed in the book are unique and effective and will be adored by parents, teachers, guardians, educators, and child counselors as well.

“My daughter loves this book and the activity sheets! Cutest concept ever and perfect for anxious children. Would buy again”,  says a verified Purchaser K. Brown.

Combining lucid story-telling with subtle, powerful, and effective suggestions, the Maddie series of books are an indispensable set to keep at home or in the school library. An army veteran, Tosh Cole focuses on writing stories for kids that promote self-love, essential life skills, and inner confidence.

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Maddie’s story books are available at Amazon and all major online bookstores.

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