Selling a Mobile Home Just Got Easier in Phoenix

Selling a Mobile Home Just Got Easier in Phoenix

Attempting to sell a mobile home without an agent, commonly called “for sale by owner,” can help a person save thousands of dollars (or more) in real estate fees. Sometimes, professional real estate agents do not want to take on the process of selling mobile homes, and finding the right agent that is willing to list the house may be a hassle, which makes selling the home yourself the next best option.

Most real estate agents state that the most challenging parts of selling a home without the professionals is getting the right price, getting the house ready, getting the paperwork ready, and attracting new buyers. Along with working with a service provider like J & M Mobile Home, some other tips to help a mobile homeowner sell their property faster can be found here.

Appraising the Home

A couple of the first things a person should do before listing a mobile home or trying to sell to a we buy mobile homes company is to have it inspected and appraised. An appraisal will help a person determine the best price for the home. It is essential to consider the comparable sales in the neighborhood, and getting these can be challenging. Agents will price a home using algorithms that account for things like comparable listings, appraisals, the condition of the home, and the supply and demand in the area. Put simply, pricing a mobile home is an art. More about this can be found at

Inspect the Home

Possible buyers want to learn as much as possible about the home and feel confident there are no hidden issues that will come up down the road. This is why a professional inspection is so important. Usually, the cost of an inspection will range between $250 and $400. This is a smart investment because it will be possible for a homeowner to fix any issues that could impede the sale.

Marketing the Home

Advertising the home for sale and making sure that the word is spread in the area is another crucial part of the sale. It is important to make sure as many people as possible know that the home is available. The more the information about the home is circulated, the more likely it will be to get an interested and qualified buyer.

Unfortunately, using traditional marketing methods can be cost-prohibitive. This means someone selling their mobile home on their own may need to get creative. Using the services of a company that pays cash for mobile homes is smart, as no marketing or advertising is needed. This is going to reduce costs and the amount of time spent orchestrating the sale.

Selling a Mobile Home 

When it is time to sell a mobile home, there are many factors to consider. The tips and information provided here provide a good idea of what to do and consider to ensure the desired results are achieved. Avoid rushing into a sale. Instead, put time and effort into making sure that a fair price for the home is received. 

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