Bring the nature inside with custom water walls

Do you love being close to nature? Who doesn’t? But let’s admit. Life is captivating, and we are bound within the office walls, in front of LEDs and projectors, with a coffee addiction and never-ending work. To keep up with our work-life balance, enthusiasm, and passion, we need nature around us – within indoors. Midwest Tropical has custom water walls and bubble walls that would not only soothe the indoors but would bring a natural touch to your workplace: restaurant, library, corporate building, or even a hospital.

Install a water wall

Most of us are so accustomedto spending most of our time indoors that we don’t realize we’re missing out on the most important natural element: flowing water. A long day indoors can make you yearn for a relaxing evening next to a steady stream, where the sound of the flowing water takes away the day’s pressure off your brain, leaving you relaxed and refreshed to take on the next day.

But how many of us have the pleasure of living next to a flowing stream? Midwest Tropical brings you the next best thing with their customizable water walls that can be installed in any office space with your desired shape, color, and size. The steady sounds will create a relaxing environment for you, your staff, and your customers so that you get the most productivity out of your day. This choice is the most effective way of bringing the scenic nature inside so that you are reminded of the blessings of the mother earth. 

Try these DIY Methods

  • Your windows are the source of sunlight, which are often overlooked and blocked by blinds or other obstruction during construction. Placing a Midwest Tropical water wall in the stream of direct sunlight will help you create an other-worldly ambiance that not many can boast. Be sure to utilize the space in front of the windows smartly instead of blocking it with furniture and other stuff. If you want to place curtains, then using sheer fabric instead of heavy thick material would be ideal for sunlight to filter through and reflect on your waterfall.
  • Since we have almost all the natural elements on hand, let’s finish off with the rest: plants. Adding potted plants to your space complements the installed water wall, and with sunlight falling directly on them, you’ll need minimum efforts to keep them alive and well. The addition of plants to any space liven it up. People, either your employees or customers, will appreciate this relaxing environment hence providing you with all the benefits claimed above.

The water walls at Midwest Tropical are designed to bring life, meaning that you don’t have to live in boredom just because your work requires it. A water wall can ward off all adverse effects of the weather and keep you refreshed and operating at maximum levels at all times.

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