CMC Hardwood Floors attracts over 15 million views with popular videos

The oddest part of his ‘oddly satisfying’ videos which have more than 15 million views is their subject matter

Los Angeles, CA – August 26, 2020 – He’s not a Hollywood star, nor a household name. He won’t be seen on the red carpet. His videos have no catchy musical overlay and no jingle. In fact, he doesn’t even talk during his videos. The special guest that most often makes an appearance, is a trowel. Yet, his short clips have gained more than 15 million organic, unpaid views. What’s his secret? Mesmerizing floor refinishing artistry that has viewers describing the videos as oh so satisfying to watch.

CMC Hardwood floors of Los Angeles, California first started creating videos of their floor refinishing project in 2018. Since then, they’ve gained a massive following. Their videos have appeared on Buzzfeed, Yahoo, AOL and MSN, as well as hundreds of Facebook and Instagram feeds. While not a traditionally popular video subject, the videos encapsulate every element needed to leave audiences of all ages entranced. Partly auditory ASMR, thanks to the back and forth of the trowel against the freshly sanded hardwood floor, partly because of the skill involved with the trowel that looks deceptively simple, but in reality takes years of experience to apply just the right amount of refinishing product to just the right area of the floor. Combined with the visual satisfaction of seeing the final section of a raw hardwood floor brought back to a high-shine finish, the videos have the trifecta of what it takes to transfix viewers, even those who have never taken on home renovation before.

“’This video is oddly satisfying.’” That’s the number one comment we get on our videos,” laughs Marcos Proti, owner of CMC Hardwood Floors. “Most people can’t really explain why they enjoy the videos, they just know that they do and I’m okay with that. The videos give us the chance to show potential clients what we do, our level of professionalism, the intermix of old-school hands-on technique and experience along with the latest tools, which are of themselves satisfying to see in action. When we add those things to showing off the restoration process from start to finish and the big reveal of seeing the finished floor in all its natural beauty, and what an impact that can have on a room, it leaves people mesmerised.”

Proti started CMC Hardwood Floors 10 years ago, since then, his team has grown along with his solid reputation. The company pulls off amazing restorations around the Southern California area. They document their projects, which range from small spaces in need of some restoration and perking up, to massive master bedrooms and living rooms that are worthy of appearing on the cover of any architectural or home décor magazine.   

“We love seeing people talk about how satisfying it is to just watch our videos but there is something humbling in it as well. It does give us goosebumps when we realize that what we do every day is so fascinating to millions of people. I’m proud of the experience we have and I’m proud to show it off in these videos. We’ll keep making the clips and giving not only our clients exactly what they want, but our fans the videos that they can stare at in wonder and watch for hours.”

For more information about CMC Hardwood Floors, or to watch the dozens of oddly satisfying videos, visit or Instagram @cmchardwoodfloors

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