Digital care center provides free eBooks to help fight COVID-19

Based on numerous studies and recommendations of healthcare professionals, the masks are quite useful in preventing COVID-19.

New York, NY, USA – Digital Care Centre is an online healthcare platform that supports numerous patients by providing online medical assistance. This online health forum was founded by Dr. Louise Fincher, a 20 years medical expert, and is run by remarkable health professionals who ensure the digital health of their patients without the aid of sponsored companies or paid contributors. The pandemic due to COVID-19 has brought numerous financial problems for many people. In these hard times, Digital Care Center is offering free health eBooks to every member so that the valuable healthcare knowledge could be given to maximum people regardless of their financial status.

Coronavirus has changed everyone’s lifestyle as wearing masks has become a new normal for everyone after the outbreak of COVID-19. According to health professionals, masks can be quite useful in preventing coronavirus infection. The most protective masks to prevent coronavirus infection are N95, but they are essential for frontline healthcare workers; therefore, they are not available for the public. Cloth masks are the right choice for everyone because they are easily available and very affordable. However, there are numerous myths and misunderstandings regarding the proper use of masks. One of the most common myths regarding the effectiveness of masks and expert’s take on it are described below:

Myth: Cloth masks are not effective in preventing coronavirus.

Fact: Cloth masks can save people from catching the coronavirus infection because they don’t let the droplets of cough and sneeze etc. reach the wearer’s mouth and nose. These masks also prevent people from spreading the coronavirus infection unintentionally. Thus, cloth masks can effectively prevent coronavirus and are highly recommended by both the world health organization as well as the center of disease control and prevention (CDC). The more people wear cloth masks, the lesser the risk of coronavirus will be for them. According to the UC San Francisco’s specialist of infection diseases, Peter Chin-Hong and epidemiologist, Geroge Rutherford, it is impossible to identify who might be infected by the virus in public and that is why wearing masks is necessary for everyone.

Numerous pieces of evidence also prove the effectiveness of masks. One laboratory study revealed that a human mouth could generate hundreds of droplets by saying a single phrase, but after covering the mouth with a damp washcloth, almost all the droplets were blocked. Research also shows that the countries where people favored wearing masks in public and complied with the government’s policies had lower death rates due to coronavirus. Different masks are recommended for different purposes. The ideal masks are the ones that could be worn consistently without feeling and discomfort. N95 masks are essential in medical situations like intubation. Surgical masks are more secure and comfortable as compared to the cloth masks. The risk of COVID-19 can be reduced through these masks until the vaccines for COVID-19 are introduced.

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