Multifaceted Entertainer Helen Blondel Releases New Book And Ecourse

Performing artist and dancer, Helen Blondel, teaches the business of entertainment in her new book “Belly Dance Business 101” and an e-course titled “Professionalism for Entertainers”

Helen Blondel has shared her years of experience in the entertainment industry in a new book and an e-course she recently launched during the quarantine. The professional belly dancer and singer has been thrilling millions of fans in different parts of the world with her captivating stage performances for almost two decades. “Belly Dance Business 101” is the book and the eCourse titled “Professionalism for Entertainers” provides performers with tips to have a successful career.

I’ve gone through a lot in the industry, both as a singer and dancer, so I want to teach others in my field the mistakes I’ve made so they don’t have to make the same ones I did!” said Helen Blondel.

The entertainment industry is highly competitive and dynamic, with thousands of talents in different parts of the world failing to make it to the highest echelon due to avoidable mistakes. According to a report by research firm PwC, the revenue from media and entertainment will reach an estimated $2.2 trillion by 2021. Unfortunately, only a few players in the industry will be able to take advantage of the marekt growth, which is where Helen Blondel is looking to make a difference by arming entertainers with the skill set to succeed in the business.

In “Belly Dance Business 101,” Helen offers a guide that contains simple yet effective tips that will help dancers harness the business side of their trade. The book doubles as a semi-autobiography, with the author referencing her experiences and lessson learned as a professional. Topics covered in the book include branding, online presence, and professionalism. The book is particularly unique as it is coming from a professional with lots of industry experiences across different fields.

Helen Blondel also recently launched her second E-Course under her online brand, BellyPOP. The project comes after the success of her first course, which was dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of belly dance. Titled “Professionalism for Entertainers,” Helen’s newest eCourse caters to all categories of entertainers, detailing the Do’s & Don’ts to help performers maximize their gigs and attain success. The course contains 15 video lectures, PDF presentations of each chapter, interactive quizzes, and a digital download of her brand new book.

The book and online course are coming at the best possible time, offering valuable information to help entertainers grow in their careers while social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helen’s book is available on both paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and Lulu.

About Helen Blondel

Helen Blondel is a professional belly dancer and singer with almost two decades of experience on the stage. Her passion for what she does has led her to appear on television networks such as ABC and Univision, as well as perform at high-profile events. She is also the founder of BellyPOP, an online wellness community launched to educate creatives through informative tutorials, blogs, and eCourses.

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