Rapid Disaster Response Announces A Range Of Non-Contact Disinfectant Equipment For Public Places And Commercial Properties

Their products ensure the safety and protection of people during this period of COVID-19 pandemic. Every item on the store is easy to install, simple to use, and very affordable

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected billions of people, and the world will never remain the same again. Now, things are getting back to normal gradually, but care has to be taken to ensure everyone is safe and protected.

Rapid Disaster Response is proud to announce its collection of high-quality, no-contact disinfection equipment. These products are designed to help provide full-body sanitization so that everyone entering and exiting a facility is safe.

One of our top products is the SafeScan 100, and intelligent thermo scanner, providing entire body sanitization for commercial facilities and public places. It is suitable for use in hospitals, schools, offices, concert venues, airports, and event centers.

SafeScan 100 is safe and easy to install and use. Once a person enters the booth, it senses it and it automatically activates the disinfectant mist, while avoiding sensitive places like the face. It also detects temperature and may prevent someone from entering the building if their temperature is abnormal. The mist is an FDA approved natural and non-toxic solution, with the power to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. It has a large reservoir with the capacity to disinfect upto 3,000 people before the need to refill.

Factories, schools, construction sites, and supermarkets, can make use of the SafeScan 200, specially designed for public areas. It works just like the SafeScan 100 but with additional features for optimal performance.

Rapid Disaster Response also offers the SafeScan 50, a standalone temperature and disinfection access control. It provides facial recognition, high-temperature alarm, and face mask reminder. The product comes with a non-contact alcohol disinfectant for hands, promoting good hygiene.

Customers can also shop for the FS2 Automatic Shoe Cover. Viruses and bacteria are carried not only by hand but also by shoes. With this no-contact shoe cover, the property is safe and protected from germ invasion.

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