Space Mask Introduces New Triple-Layered Advanced Nanotech Mask Series

Space Mask Introduces New Triple-Layered Advanced Nanotech Mask Series
Space Mask 3.0 – Super-Breathable, Anti-droplet, Antibacterial, UV-Protective, Moisture-Repelling formula

Space Mask essentially aims to provide people premium face masks – face masks that would be Protective, Comfortable, Washable, Reusable, Eco-friendly, Durable, and above all Super-Breathable!

The WHO states that an effective face mask is a three-layered fabric mask with “an inner layer that absorbs, a middle layer that filters, and an outer layer made from a nonabsorbent material like polyester.”

The Space Mask team is dedicated to creating just such face masks. In fact, it is launching yet another iteration in its triple-layered Advanced Nanotech Mask series — Space Mask 3.0.

With its advanced technology and expertly designed features, Space Mask 3.0 offers even MORE Protection, Breathability & Comfort. And its new construction is certified Antibacterial all the way through – from the outermost Bamboo fabric to the innermost Nanotech layer.

Let’s slice through Space Mask 3.0’s triple-layered construction and show you what it’s made of.


Outer layer: Anti-Droplet, Bamboo Fabric

Space Mask’s outer layer now comprises bamboo fabric, which is a more breathable alternative to cotton. Not only does it allow better airflow, but it is also naturally anti-bacterial.

Bamboo fiber has naturally occurring micro-gaps that increase its moisture absorption and make it lighter, softer, and more elastic than cotton. This fiber is innately anti-bacterial, antifungal, hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic (prevents bacterial growth), UV-protective, and a natural deodorizer.

Due to its antimicrobial properties (meaning destructive to the growth of microorganisms including fungi, viruses, and bacterias) bamboo fabric is widely used for medical purposes – in surgical masks, nurse-wear, and bandages.

Middle Layer: Antibacterial Cushion Cloud Filter

Space Mask comes with a special built-in Antibacterial Cushion Cloud Filter. This filter is a Space Mask engineering feat that offers superior Protection along with excellent Breathability.

This Super-Breathable, Antibacterial filter – is an airstream filtering cloud – that keeps out harmful particles, droplets, allergens, pollen, dust, smog, and mold.

Inner Layer: Moisture-Wicking Anti-bacterial Nanotech

This layer that softly cups the face – is our certified Antibacterial, UV protective, Anti-Droplet, Moisture Wicking Nanotech fabric. This expertly engineered fabric helps repel droplets, drawing moisture away from your face and keeping it cool and dry.

Comfortable Snug Fit

A great mask doesn’t just require great material construction, it should also sit snugly across the face leaving no gaps for air leaks. To ensure a securer, more snug fit we’ve added cord locks to our soft cotton ear straps.

To ensure that Space Mask sits properly on each individual’s nose, we’ve placed a moldable, stainless steel nose clip. This clip prevents breath-moisture leak and stops glasses from getting foggy.

In addition to this, we’ve designed a special “Space Contour” around the nose for extra breathability and mouth movement. That allows you to talk easily in your mask and wear it longer without feeling stuffy.


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