Dr. Kim Patrick Murray, Miami’s Leading Rhinoplasty Specialist Launches New Website

Those burdened by the appearance of their nose, or who have breathing issues can turn to Dr. Kim Patrick Murray for help. He is an experienced and highly skilled Rhinoplasty surgeon who caters to patients all over the country.

The value of a great nose cannot be understated. A person’s confidence could hinge on how their nose appears. As an integral part of the face, the nose sits front and center. The nose draws people’s attention much more than the eyes or the lips. For people who have been blessed with a nice nose, this issue is almost non-existent. For the rest, however, the story is quite different. Whether it is to correct an injury or to boost someone’s confidence, changing one’s nose has never been as accessible. Dr. Kim recently launched his new website, https://www.drkimpatrickmurray.com/ to further serve more patients not just living in Miami, but across the country as well.

Dr. Murray calls his style of rhinoplasty “aggressive beauty.” This is because all his patients will see the changes that they want to happen. Years of being in the cosmetic surgery field have made Dr. Murray exceptional at what he does. He has a custom list of goals both he and the patient want to achieve before going into surgery. A detailed surgical plan helps ensure the customers get the changes they want to happen. This surgical plan also ensures that even before stepping into the operating room, the patients know exactly what’s going to happen, from beginning to end. Interested patients can visit Dr. Murray’s practice by clicking the link https://g.page/dr-kim-patrick-murray-md-nm?share for driving directions.

Dr. Murray offers free quotes via WhatsApp and virtual consultations via Zoom. He uses a 3D simulation software for the consults called Crisalix. Visit his website for more information.

Dr. Murray believes that there is no such thing as the perfect nose. However, he does believe that there is an ideal nose for each person. There are no two noses alike – each one is unique with different starting points anatomically and different aesthetic styles. It is his goal and the goal of his practice to listen to all their patients and try to understand what it is about their nose that bothers them and what they would like to achieve. Dr. Murray will then analyze their anatomy to create a custom blueprint of their face to guide how he is going to reshape the nose. Dr. Murray caters to patients all over the country and does virtual consultations through WhatsApp.

For more information, patients can click https://www.drkimpatrickmurray.com/location/miami-rhinoplasty/ to find out more.

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