The characteristic classification and application place of chain link fence

Basic description of chain link fence isolation fence: It is a metal wire mesh product made by hooking various materials of metal wire (PVC wire, hot and cold galvanized wire, etc.) by a chain link fence machine, which has the ability to resist impact Strong, beautiful, corrosion resistant, good protection and other characteristics.

Chain link fence, also known as oblique square net, is a kind of elastic woven net, crocheted, simple and beautiful. Because the woven mesh (chain link fence) isolation grid body has good elasticity, it can cushion the impact of external force, and all the parts are dipped (plastic or sprayed, painted), no welding is required for on-site combined installation.

Performance characteristics of woven mesh (chain link fence) isolation fence: This product has good corrosion resistance and is a good choice for fence mesh products that are often impacted by external forces.

Material: Low carbon steel wire

Weaving method: longitudinal weaving

Technical parameters of woven mesh (chain link fence) isolation fence:

Category: electro-galvanized chain link fence, hot-dip galvanized chain link fence, PVC coated chain link fence

Features: 1. Uniform mesh, smooth mesh surface, simple weaving, crocheted, beautiful and generous 2. Wide mesh, thick wire diameter, easy to corrode, long life, strong practicality 3. Strong installation adaptability, It can be connected with the column and can be adjusted up and down with the fluctuation of the ground

Chain link fence isolation fence.

Scope of application: Widely used in roads, railways, highways and other fence net facilities, interior decoration, breeding chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fences, protective nets for mechanical equipment, conveyor nets for mechanical equipment, stadium fences, roads Greenbelt protective nets, warehouses, cold storage in tool rooms, protective reinforcements, marine fishing fences, and construction site fences, etc., fix soil (rocks).

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