New Book, ‘Leaving Drug and Alcohol Addictions for Good,’ Reveals the Missing Link for Recovery

Denver, CO, USA – August 27, 2020 – A groundbreaking book on drug and alcohol recovery has been released by Joseph Eisele and Sharon Montgomery.

‘Leaving Drug and Alcohol Addictions for Good: How Biochemical Restoration Radically Improves Your Chances of Recovery’ provides readers with the missing link needed for full recovery: biochemical restoration. Biochemical restoration has helped more than a thousand patients of InnerBalance, the recovery center that Eisele cofounded, break free of the addiction cycle. This discovery is what saved Eisele himself from his own near-deadly ride on the addiction train. ‘Leaving Drug and Alcohol Addictions for Good’ is written with Sharon Montgomery, who’s personal story is included in the book.

“This book is important because it tells how a person or family struggling with addictions can find success working a combination of biochemical repair along with the standard mental/emotional program for addictions,” says William Billica, MD, FAAFP, and a practitioner at Tri-Life Health in Fort Collins, CO.

Biochemical restoration is what brings metabolic systems into balance. It is fundamental to full recovery. It stops the discouraging cycle of relapses, and can even play a role in keeping individuals off the addiction train in the first place.

“I know a lot of us with years of recovery who are still struggling with sleep, mood, diet, etc., and I think biochemical restoration is this missing link,” says Jordan Fouts, a philanthropy professional who is now marking her fifteenth year in recovery following the inclusion of biochemical restoration in her treatment. “I’m thrilled to have this resource to direct people to.”

The book is the result of years of research and study that Eisele undertook as an accredited addiction specialist, after succumbing to addiction as a teenager-total, severe, desperate, sinking so low that suicide seemed to be his only option.

“It was when I discovered this missing link of biochemical restoration that I started on my path to full recovery,” says Eisele.

The virtual book launch celebration is scheduled for Thursday, September 3, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. Mountain Time.

‘Leaving Drug and Alcohol Addictions for Good: How Biochemical Restoration Radically Improves Your Chances of Recovery’ will be available on

About Sharon Montgomery

Sharon Montgomery is an author and business storyteller. Sharon works internationally and locally helping small business owners create “Informational Narratives,” her solution to boring, cheesy, salesy corporate books and biographies. ‘Leaving Drug and Alcohol Addictions for Good” was a 3-year process working with Joseph Eisele.

About Joseph Eisele

Joseph Eisele is the co-founder and clinical director of InnerBalance Health Center in Loveland, Colorado. A holistic treatment center established in 1999 for individuals battling drug and alcohol addiction, the center provides a comprehensive program that employs ongoing biochemical restoration as a critical step in long-term, sustainable recovery.

Eisele is a pioneer in the use of biochemical restoration, the “missing link” he discovered during his own journey to sobriety more than thirty-five years ago. He holds state and national certifications as an alcohol and drug therapist and received specialized training as an interventionist from the Johnson Institute, which maintains strong ties with the Hazelden Foundation Center for Public Advocacy. (

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