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Since the beginning, the House of Cartier has been holding a lead position in the line of captivating jewelry designs. Currently, a number of symbolic Cartier rings are scattered around the world. The legendary line of classic elegant Cartier rings can be easily bought or even sold at grayandsons, at the most rational rates.

Brief History of Cartier Rings

The House of Cartier originated in 1847, when a 28-year-old Louis-François Cartier took over a jewelry workshop at 29 rue Montorgueil in Paris. Eventually, the first Cartier boutique inaugurated in 1859 marking the growth of Cartier’s business drawing attention from a diverse range of clients comprising both upper middle classes and aristocrats. 

Shining around the fingers of artists, actors, and writers who were part of the modern sights of the time, Cartier rings have clutched a huge hype. Cartier’s clientele also involved royals, celebrities, and businesspersons, including King Farouk of Egypt, Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable, The Duchess of Windsor, and Grace Kelly.

1. Cartier Love Ring 


Love collection of the Cartier rings signifies the iconic symbol of love, making it the perfect Cartier ring for proposals and engagements. The screw motifs, idyllic oval shape and patent grace establish the Cartier love ring as a timeless tribute to avid romance.

Studded with diamonds, praiseworthy Cartier love ring with a 0.26-carat diamond is available in 18k pink gold. Currently available in size 5.5, it weighs 2.8 pennyweights. At a sale price of $3,040, grayandsons will help you save 21% while buying the perfect Cartier ring!

2. Cartier Trinity Ring 


Beautiful Cartier’s diamond trinity ring comes with three 18K white gold bands, covered in 1.55 carats clarity diamonds! With a sleek polish done by the experts at grayandsons, the sale price of $6,900.00 is greatly satisfying and gives a chance to save 54%!

Swiftly rolling on the finger, it fits perfectly giving a classic Cartier ring look on your wedding day, becoming the showstopper while it sparkles in the event!

3. Cartier Tank Ring With Moonstone


Searching to buy or sell modern style preowned classic tank ring? Cartier ring from their tank collection is adorned with a square cut moonstone attached to an 18k white gold band. Glazed with icy pave diamond expresses the sensual excellence of this Cartier design.

Moonstone is often considered to bring good luck and spirit of love and affection to its wearers. Therefore, it is the most likely choice that a person can make for an engagement ring. Cartier tank ring is currently 5.5 in size and priced at $2,400 after a worthy 31% discount.

4. Cartier Crossover Ring 


One of the best vintage engagement rings is Cartier crossover ring. Consisting of an array of tangled 18k white gold loops, gracefully sliding into each other in a display of beautifully finished metal crafts this gorgeous diamond and white gold crossover ring. Moderate over under design of this Cartier ring creates an open airy, easy to wear effect.

Devotion towards metal depths and appropriate diamond setting procedures of these delicate Cartier rings guarantee that the ring will be resilient and sustain with minimal wear and tear at the reasonable price of $1,650 at 27% off only on grayandsons online shopping.

Final Verdict:

Over several years, Cartier rings have been the perfect choice as they bring rare pieces at the most exceptional prices. Many classics at grayandsons, such as the trinity or love collection, can be bought preowned and even sold as it can be the smart investment!

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