Ben Rekittke’s Book Titled “We Have All Been Broken” takes the readers on a unique journey that opens their eyes to the world

Ben Rekittke's Book Titled "We Have All Been Broken" takes the readers on a unique journey that opens their eyes to the world

Ben Rekittke’s We Have All Been Broken takes the reader on a unique journey that opens your eyes to the world around you in new and powerful ways. But what is it all about, what does it really mean, and where did the inspiration for such a unique project come from? We sat down with the man behind the words to hear what he had to say and learn how he puts pen to paper. 

“I wanted to tell stories and evoke feelings that people try to hide from the rest of the world. So often in life you have something on your mind that you know you should voice, and yet you keep it locked away for only yourself to hear. I’ve lived like that, it felt normal to me for far too long, but I’ve also seen the other side. What I’ve seen is the way in which your entire view of the world can change the minute you open up and start giving your deepest feelings a voice. In fact, that’s where the title of my book comes from. We all have past events that make it difficult for us to speak out, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong. It’s really just part of being human and living your life.”

It’s an interesting way to look at the world and an intriguing way to approach the art of writing, so how does he do it?

“I’ve always loved to sit and reflect; whether that be through my music or my writing, it’s this quiet time with just myself for comfort and company that I feel has made me the writer I am today. By taking the time to reflect on what really maters, I hope that I’ve been able to create a book that allows anyone else who picks it up to do exactly the same. If I can allow just one person to have that type of experience, I’ll consider it time well spent.

“I was born in Kansas City, MO, written and performed many songs, and have a hunger to satisfy an emptiness in me through writing. It gives me the chance to express my perception of life, with each poem written to feed the reader’s imagination.”

It’s a unique way of looking at the world of reshaping the creative process, so where will it lead? We finished things up by asking Ben where he thought his creative endeavors would take him next.

“I am a maker who finds it impossible to accept reality on the surface. I crave what is deeper. I am at best in the shadows of progress as promised. With the discarded scrape of the human condition, the broken and forgotten:

On the wet green porch swing
Half dreaming I’m in a park
In 1979

Wet green porch swing
Sideway windy rain devouring a cautious wind

Smoking again

Running to and from
misplaced love
Just stop and shut the f*** up”

“I hope I can continue to write on a whole variety of topics for years and years. It sets me free to live my own life and express how I feel about life, and I sincerely hope that reading the words I’ve crafted allows others to go on their own journeys. It’s about taking a time out, realizing what life has thrown at us and then seeing how to move things forwards.”

By taking this type of approach to his work, he’s certainly well on the way to making a number of important contributions to the body of writing the world currently has to choose from.

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