The most eastern Chinese dubbing artist, writer, and online media person

The most eastern Chinese dubbing artist, writer, and online media person

She is a well-known dubbing artist, host, and writer. She is also a professional video editor and an IPA-certified senior teacher of Chinese as a foreign language. In addition, she has worked for a Fortune 500 company and founded her own company. She is Vivian — a Chinese girl who loves life and is passionate about her profession.

Vivian is a well-known voice actor and children’s show host in China. She speaks very standard Mandarin with a sweet voice that is beautiful and friendly. Her voice is very adaptable, and she can be heard in national audio and video introduction dubbing, corporate brand stories, international product recommendation advertisements, and even mobile games, Mandarin courses, children’s picture books, etc., Through her voice, Vivian can deliver the perfect feeling. In addition to offline work, Vivian has used the Internet to deliver her language art throughout the world as a freelancer. She dubs for different clients, serving copywriters, film and television platforms, and other needs every day. Her clients are located in nearly 100 countries on five continents and she serves 3500+ overseas clients.

Vivian is a professional audio and video editor. The post-production of audio and video is naturally a matter of course. Vivian can complete a project from recording to synchronization to post-editing — resulting in a perfect product.

Vivian is also a writer. She has agile thinking and writes beautifully. Interviews with the American Ivy League, Yutong Industrial Product Promotion Copywriting, Macau Jumping Time Series Promotional Manuscripts, Interviews with Characters, Brand Story, and even Case Petitions, Manuscripts of Different Styles She came here at her fingertips.

Additionally, Vivian is an IPA-certified senior teacher of Chinese as a foreign language. She has a significant amount of experience teaching Chinese to foreign students. Whether she is teaching online or via video, Vivian is kind and meticulous, patiently leading students into the Chinese world.

Vivian can also use the services of online media professionals to help customers all over the world publish products and services on China’s top media websites. The advantages of online platforms can help more people understand products and customers.

Vivian said that she is most grateful for the unlimited platform of the Internet, which allows her to put her skills of dubbing, writing, video production, and Chinese language communication to use in a new way, from offline to online, serving the world through the Internet.

Vivian loves travel and life. She has been to the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. She also enjoys beer and has been to New Zealand, the country of colorful clouds, to realize her entrepreneurial dream. After that, she returned to her hometown of Chengdu, China, where she continued to engage in her passion. If you need to enter the Chinese market, understand Chinese culture, or require Chinese services, whether it’s writing, network promotion, audio and video recording, or teaching, she will be your best choice. She is Vivian, and you should know her.

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