Online Land Sales Launches Learning Center for Seller-Financed Property

Zephyr Cove, NV – Aug 28, 2020 – Online Land Sales announced that it has launched a Seller Financial Land Learning Center in Aug. 2020 in the interest of sharing knowledge and expertise within the land use and real estate industry. The Learning Center features articles and videos to provide individuals with a fuller understanding so they can make informed decisions.

Many of Online Land Sales customers have already benefited from the information available in the Learning Center. “We were really surprised at how fast our customers responded to the new Learning Center, they just jumped right in and started learning,” said Melissa Fisher, a marketing specialist at Online Land Sales.

The feature will provide individuals with a crash course on how to benefit from purchasing seller-financed land, listing sites, building permits, off the grid living and more. Access to the Online Land Sales Learning Center is free and can be found at

The Seller Financial Learning Center was inspired by the company’s commitment to add meaning to lives through finance land ownership. The Learning Center does this by providing consumers with the knowledge they need to achieve their dream of land ownership.

Many individuals aren’t aware of the many options available to them when financing property. People will discover a comprehensive range of topics at the Learning Center that includes land down payments, the best way to pay for land, and the alternatives of seller-financed property transactions vs. cash or bank financing.

Those accessing the Seller Financial Land Learning Center will also learn about visiting seller-financed land before committing to a purchase. Those exploring the resource will be informed about subdividing the land, utilities, boundaries, and restrictions that may apply, along with building, permits, and cabin delivery.

The Learning Center has an entire section for those that dream of living off the grid. People will discover in detail exactly what living off the grid means and how to do so safely, even with children. All topics are covered, from water and recreation to personal safety.

The Seller Financial Land Learning Center provides answers and solutions to the most commonly asked questions, the best sites to find seller-financed land, and desirable locales for those that dream of living off the grid. The Learning Center launched by Online Land Sales also shares customer journeys of those that have availed themselves of seller-financed property.

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