Waffle Cleansing Pad removes dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin without harming it

Waffle Cleansing Pad removes dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin without harming it
A newly launched product by Kocostar, titled as “Waffle Cleansing Pad”, helps to remove oil, dirt, and makeup easily. It is made of natural products and is 100% organic. After its use, the skin looks fresh and glows vibrantly.

Torrance, CA, USA – Women are more concerned about skincare products than men, especially when it comes to face. Every woman wants clear and glowing skin. Makeup is hard to remove, and one should be very careful while removing it, because it sticks to the skin and applying more force to the skin can damage it. Kocostar has solved this problem by adding to the line of cleansing pads products, a Waffle cleansing pad. These are skin cleansing pads that are shaped like waffles. Waffle Cleansing Pad has received many positive reviews as a Kbeauty product, after a South Korean actress Yubi Lee started using it in her daily life.

Women who are obsessed with makeup need not worry anymore about makeup removal. Waffle cleansing pads can help remove the makeup without damaging the skin. Furthermore, it has natural ingredients that have no side effects on the skin. After using it the skin looks softer and hydrated. The gentle formula of Centella Asiatica extract and tea tree leaf extract will keep your skin moist and add a vibrant glow.

Yubi lee, a South Korean actress, after using this product was impressed by the results. She said she carries waffle cleansing pads with her which helps to remove the dirt and oil from her face and use it to remove makeup from her face, and the tea tree extract in the products helps to calm the skin. Since being an actress and a model, Yubi Lee has to apply makeup every day, and at the end of the day, that makeup needs to be removed; after using Waffle Cleansing Pad, she fell in love with the product and started using it daily.

The waffle cleansing pad is a very soft, gentle, and hypoallergenic pad that has all the essential natural ingredients that help to moisturize the skin. If one feels that their skin is very sensitive and finds it hard to remove the make, then this product is best. Waffle Cleansing Pad not only removes the makeup but also prevents the skin from damaging because it has moisturizers and natural ingredients that leave a soothing effect.

One box contains 60 Waffle Cleansing Pads that are very easy to use. Simply take out one cleansing pad and rub gently the textured side on the skin. First, massage on forehead and cheeks and then move on the lip and eye area. Wipe again with the smooth side of the pad. Finally, rinse with warm water. After using, Make sure the lid is tightly closed so that the formula does not evaporate.

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