902lab’s 902s Urban Helmet Launches “Put Safety!” Campaign with the new design

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/qgLAouAdZj0

Bicycle helmets have been sold continuously, keeping their traditional shapes unchanged for decades. However, this means that riders are actually exposed to the possibility of serious safety accidents due to dissatisfaction with convenience, portability and design. 902s Urban Helmet was born to users who were exposed to possible accidents on the basis of the manufacturer’s experience in the production of smart bike helmets. 

In addition to the recent change in the consumption paradigm in the sharing economy era, personal mobility products (electric bikes, e-scooters etc.) are rapidly increasing, while safety accidents are also directly related. Safety accidents are on the increase every day due to the lack of institutional regulations, so the 902s Urban Helmet was launched with the aim of urging riders to wear helmets on their own. The hip-hop style swag-type (snapback type) and the capsule-type detachable helmet that ensures safety on top of the snapback make the riders’ heartbeat.

These 902s urban helmet products are designed to stimulate the feeling of “Multi Persona” among young consumers in their 20-30s, which refers to the urge to be different from others through convenience, portability and differentiated design. Currently, more than 400 per cent of the funding target has been achieved on WADIZ, a representative crowdfunding platform in Korea, and in the second half of the year, the company plans to meet the expectations of supporters through crowdfunding again with its ball cap series. Products are already being distributed across large domestic and social markets such as Naver / Coupang/11st / Gmarket / Auction, etc., as well as Shopee, the largest open market in 7 Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam / Thailand / Singapore / Taiwan / Indonesia / Philippines / Malaysia). In addition, international buyers (Japan / China, etc.) continue to receive requests for meetings and are expected to be available through online markets in the US (Amazon), Japan (power sellers) and China (Alibaba) in the second half of 2020.

Product development is also being promoted on an ongoing basis, and all-in-one and separate-type BallCap products are planned to be released on a sequential basis. It is thought to be a very welcome product at this point, as it can solve the safety issue of riders that has not yet been resolved.

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