Dynair Wall Mounted IOT Air Purifier for both Interior Design and Safety

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/W6_Rn7_JYP0

Established in July 2015, Dynair Korea invented the world’s first built-in & wall mounted air washer with automatic humidity control and is attracting investment and technical mentoring from ‘Samsung Venture Investment’. Dynair air purifier received CA certification from Korea Air Cleaning Association and KC electrical appliance safety certification. They were as an excellent design (GD) by Korea Institute of Design Promotion. Dynair Korea aims to become a household & kitchen appliance company that creates an admirable success story in the startup business ecosystem as a venture company for more expectations in the future than the present.

Air, which is invisible, has many effects on the human body. People’s interest in indoor air quality is high these days due to fine dust and urban pollution. So, we introduce a product that can not only improve indoor air quality but also can advocate interior design through its ideas that stand out.

Dynair Korea’s Dynair air purifier is both a wall-mounted and a stand-type air purifier. It supports the portable stand mode and also the wall-mounted mode that can be fixed to create more space for children and pets. Dynair is highly flexible as it can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall according to the interior preference. In the case of the wall-mounted mode, safety accidents for infants, children, and pets are prevented in advance.

Indoor air quality is important not only for homes but also for stores. With Dynair air purifier, even stores with small areas can have high space utilization and the circular design provides an edge in the interior design. The air quality can be checked at a glance through the LED on the front, which can also be turned on as a mood light.

The air purifier has adopted a flat display stand and a mounting unit (Korean Patent 10-1788004). The title angle of around 40 degrees is applied at the bottom of the ‘partial detachable parts’ can be adjusted to suit the usage environment. Hence, it can be mounted stably on the floor while being flexible. In addition, by placing an intuitive handle shape and a non-slip rubber panel on the top of the ‘partial detachable part’, a structural idea was given to the product design for portability. 

Dynair’s air purifier is further equipped with a smart IoT function, so users can check the air quality around their home even outdoors. Both ultra-fine dust sensors and harmful gas sensors automatically detect indoor air quality. Moreover, when the users download a dedicated application and register their product, they can control the air in their home anytime, anywhere.

It is indeed possible to conveniently maintain the clean air condition in the house even on the way home or when going out. Users can either turn on and turn off the power, control the airflow, reservation, and light through a dedicated application.

Dynair Korea is about to launch an antiviral air purifier in response to Corona 19 in the second half of 2020. Dynair is striving with the goal of introducing its new antiviral air purifier to new countries for it to become a global product.

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