Up-And-Coming Artist Uses Line Drawing to Interpret and Distill the Pandemic-Influenced Reality Ravaging the World

“Eldritch Deadwood Line Art: ‘Paradise’ and ‘Worried 2020’”

West Palm Beach, FL – Miranda Berggren, an up-and-coming artist who specializes in using lines to interpret concept and draw sophisticated pieces announces the release of a new work of art. She titles her new line drawing piece Eldritch Deadwood Line Art: “Paradise” and “Worried 2020”. This work of art was inspired by the recent COVID-19 plague that is still ravaging world. Each line in Eldritch Deadwood shows the interconnectivity and pandemic. Eldritch Deadwood is, therefore, a work of art that tells a tale of pain, concretizing the memory and the healing process that the world is going through. The artist embraces what’s happening and memorializing it in unique forms, shapes, and faces.

Furthermore, Eldritch Deadwood Line Art is also a catharsis of emotion that is fully brewed in the mind of the painter. It is intimate feelings of up- and-coming artist, Miranda Berggren, who recently turned 24. Eldritch Deadwood Line Art: “Paradise” and “Worried 2020” excellently showcases the artist’s mind to the world. Hence, the drawing is not only connective but emotional. As a rising star orbiting the world of art, Miranda is being taunted as the next big thing to take the world of art by storm. This is because her work, Eldritch Deadwood, embraces the roller coaster of life in 2020. By checking out her official website, art enthusiasts will be able to view other masterclass by Miranda which include:

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Painters, artists and collectors should watch out for Miranda and her arts. She is such a class of her own as her work is a masterpiece that has captured the essence of the pandemic-induced reality of the year 2020. With her work made from different lines and color to represent the roller coaster that is happening in the world in 2020, generations to come will be able to define, analyze and visualize what happened in 2020,” says a collector.

Miranda is currently working with William Peevy, a gallery agent of repute. Berggren is a Florida-based artist studying current culture, then reflecting it on a page, making her work unique and timely. Notably, the drawings move as a sort of connective tissue with viewers to extract meaning and existence in a strange pandemic-influenced existence. “I want my work to reflect what we’re experiencing right now. It’s a time capsule,” Berggren says. “It should be more than something hanging on a wall. I want my drawings to have an emotional presence.

As a line artist, Berggren is inspired by her small-town Wisconsin childhood that led to big city life; a juxtaposition that had an impact on her artistic interpretation of peoples’ moods, experiences, and lives. She learned from and appreciated the artistic skill of photographers and designers. The combination of her work in fashion along with her unique interpretation of life around her has manifested itself in Eldritch.

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